AribaGold PayPal KYC Limits





After 3 Months

After 6 Months

Level 1

No Verification

15 USD

50 USD

75 USD

125 USD

Level 2



25 USD

100 USD

150 USD

225 USD

Level 3

Phone Verification

75 USD

200 USD

300 USD

450 USD

Level 4

ID Verification + Note

150 USD

400 USD

600 USD

900 USD

Level 5

Selfie Verification

300 USD

600 USD

900 USD

1350 USD

Level 6

Utility Verification

450 USD

1000 USD

1500 USD

2250 USD

How would phone verification work ?
Once an order has been made a staff member will give you a link where you can verify your phone number, you will be texted a 6 digit code which you simply enter and then your phone number is verified, it’s as simple as that.

How do you need to send ID verification?
Once an order is made and you will be prompted to upload ID verification to our website, we have very friendly staff to help you along with this process and we allow many different types of ID as proof of identification.

How do you need to send selfie verification?
A selfie document is simply a picture of your ID along with your face shown, this helps us verify that you are who you say that you are and it protects both us and anyone who is unlucky enough to have there card stolen.

What documents do we accept as utility bill?

We accept anything that contains your name which matches the PayPal account which you bought the gold with, this could be anything from a gas or electric bill to a bank statement, it really depends on what you have available and our friendly staff will help guide you through the process.

When would you share my ID documents?

The only reason we would ever share your documents would be to PayPal if you opened a illegitimate dispute, this is something we would always warn you of via email first and is not something we do lightly, we do not share your ID documents with anyone else other than that.

Can you delete my ID on request?

Of course, if you make an order and don’t want your ID documents saved, you can ask a staff member to delete them, you will then have to upload the documents again when you next order, but we can do this upon your request, the documents will then be deleted within 24 hours of you requesting us to delete them.


Are you out of country ?

That’s not a problem we will just need a verification from you that provides you are out of country such as passport stamp or flight ticket