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Runescape 3 (RS3) has always been a game rich in history and lore and players now have the opportunity to explore the hidden secrets of Gielinor. It also requires RS3 Gold to level up faster in-game making it an engaging experience for both new and veteran players.

In the enchanting world of RuneScape 3, adventure awaits around every corner. One such thrilling quest that awaits you is the Witch's House quest. In this quest, you'll find yourself in a spooky, eerie setting filled with challenging puzzles, mysterious characters, and a story that will keep you hooked till the very end. If you're ready to embark on this mystical adventure, you've come to the right place. This comprehensive quest guide will help you navigate the Witch's House with ease.

Quest Requirements

Before diving into the spooky mansion, you'll need to meet some requirements:

  1. Completion of the "Restless Ghost" quest: This is a prerequisite for accessing the Witch's House quest.

  2. Items Required:

    • A Bucket
    • A Trowel (You can buy it during the quest)
    • A spade (Obtained during the quest)
    • Any kind of food for healing

Getting Started

  1. Speak to the Boy: Start the quest by speaking to a young boy named Hansel outside of the Witch's House in Taverley. He'll inform you that his sister is trapped inside, and he's too scared to rescue her. It's your job to help.

The Witch's House

  1. Enter the Witch's House: Enter the Witch's House, and you'll find yourself in a mysterious, unsettling environment. Proceed carefully, as the Witch's House is riddled with traps and challenges.

  2. Navigating the House: The house is filled with different rooms and puzzles. The goal is to reach the basement where the witch's cauldron is located. To get there, follow these steps:

    • Enter the dining room and find the cupboard with a trowel. Take it.

    • Head into the kitchen and look for a cupboard with a spade. Grab that as well.

    • In the living room, pick up a magnet from the table.

    • Enter the study room, and search the bookcase. You'll find a book about the witch's experiments.

    • Read the book, and you'll discover a combination for a safe in the bedroom. It's "SQUARES."

    • Use the combination on the safe in the bedroom to acquire a ball of wool.

    • In the bathroom, you'll find a chest with a puppet. Take it.

    • Make your way to the basement, and you'll find a door with a large door handle. Use the magnet on the door handle to retrieve a key.

    • Open the basement door with the key and go inside.

  3. Defeating the Witch: In the basement, you'll encounter the witch. She's not happy about your intrusion. She can hit hard, so be prepared to eat food to heal during the fight. Once you defeat her, the quest is almost over.

  4. Rescuing Gretel: You'll find Gretel in a cage in the basement. Use the puppet on her, and she'll turn back into her human form.

  5. Finish the Quest: Talk to Gretel to finish the quest and claim your rewards.

Quest Rewards

Completing the Witch's House quest will reward you with the following:

  • 4 quest points
  • 6,325 Hitpoints XP
  • Access to the Witch's House dungeon


The Witch's House quest in RuneScape 3 is a thrilling adventure that will test your problem-solving skills and combat abilities. With this guide, you're well-equipped to conquer the spooky mansion, rescue Gretel, and earn your rewards. So, gear up, bring your wits, and prepare to explore the dark arts of the Witch's House. Happy questing!

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