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Interested in making money quickly, with ease and almost no input? Well, you're in luck, AribaGold is happy to introduce our new Affiliate Program. It only takes a few simple steps to get started, and once you're up and running, you'll be rich in no time. Don't have many friends? Don't be afraid to go and talk to people on platforms such as Discord or Teamspeak! Many people do want to talk and they will want to buy Gold using your affiliate code if you actually talk to them and tell them about it! Click here to register for the program.

The whole affiliate program itself! It is an extremely easy, and not much work task, where you could be earning millions upon millions which could help you get that T-Bow you're always dreaming about. Our affiliate program will only save you time and pain from doing Chambers of Xeric all day, and help you achieve your life long dream of holding that T-Bow

How our affiliate program works

When you give your referral code to your friend, and he uses it, you will get a percentage cut from the amount that they spent. Let's say your friend purchases 1 billion GP, that means you will get 2%+ worth of GP just by telling your friend about AribaGold! Cookies are saved to the website for a month, so the next time your friend wants to buy some OSRS gold, it will automatically be saved to the browser, and you don't have to rewrite it! Here at AribaGold, we offer great prices on OSRS Gold, and on top of that, we offer an amazing affiliate program which will get you GP by simply advertising our website!

Tips on getting started

So what are the best ways to advertise your discount code?

1. Tell your friends!

The more people you invite, the bigger the percentage you get from their sales! For example, if you invite 5 friends, your cut will go from 2% to 5%! The more people you invite, the more money you get!

The higher the gold purchase, the higher money cut to you, if your friend purchases 50m, you may receive up to 5% cut, and this percentage cut goes up the higher gold purchase.

2. Advertise in-game or at the duel arena.

Advertise at the duel arena! Making a throw-away account, giving it membership and going to the duel arena in Al Kharid and just advertising the website with your UNIQUE affiliate code will bring you in a lot of money! You know people that duel need a lot of gold, and if they see your message then you're going to be extremely happy!

3. Advertise on twitch and social media

Advertise on social media, streaming platforms etc! A good way is to make an account on either Instagram or a social media of your liking and post your affiliate code on your page, add new people and tell them about it! Going on Twitch is also a great idea. You can make an account and go on RuneScape streams, chill with people and you can private message them about this amazing deal, and they may be quick to hop onto the affiliate program themselves.

4. Advertise in RuneScape related forums

Advertising on RuneScape forums. This is a good way to get your code out, by responding to people on forums and having your affiliate code in your signature, so people see your code, and if they are interested in buying Gold, they will use your OWN code and you will get a cut from it, just by being a nice person and talking with other people.

The obvious thing is to tell your friends! Introduce yourself to new people and tell them about AribaGold! You may have friends that gamble too much, and need an easy way to purchase gold, and AribaGold is here to help. Simply putting in the affiliate code will get you a cut of what they purchase, and you get to meet new people!

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