How to buy Osrs Gold with G2APAY

1: Visit

2: Upon visiting the homepage of you will see a drop-down menu titled 'currency' click it and select the currency you would like to view our products in.

3:  Select OSRS Gold from the homepage from here you will be redirected to the OSRS Gold specific buying page.

4: Enter the amount of OSRS Gold you would like to purchase and our website will generate a price corresponding to the amount of gold you have entered. If you are happy with the price given you can proceed by entering your character username in the box provided and hitting the 'Buy now' button.

5: Choose G2APAY option and enter your email in the box provided, this is also your chance to enter any discount codes you may or may not have to receive a discounted rate on your purchase. Hit checkout to continue.

6: Once we have verified your payment you will be automatically entered into our live chat where one of our customer sales advisors will complete the details of your order and arrange to meet with you in the game to deliver your OSRS Gold.


What is G2APay?


G2A Pay is an online payment gateway that offers a lot of global and local payment methods in 1 simple checkout. Thanks to this, you can use many different payment methods to purchase osrs gold. G2APay is available in over 170 countries and supports over 80 currencies to ease the payment process for your osrs gold. The checkout has more than 20 localized languages to make it even easier for you. G2APay is not a payment method itself; it simply is a checkout for all the other payment methods. All these methods are handles and maintained by G2APay.


Is G2APay safe?


G2APay is completely safe and depends on the security of the payment method you choose. G2A does not handle the transaction itself; it does however check the status and tells you if it succeeded or failed. Extra security measures are met through your preferred method of payment for your osrs gold.


How does G2APay work?


To purchase osrs gold with G2APay, choose your preferred payment method at the payment portal of G2APay. After selecting your payment method, fill in the details that are required to complete the payment process. After you send the data to complete the transaction, G2APay will check on the payment and keep you up to date with their status. After the confirmation is accepted and G2APay has approved the process, the payment is done. Use your given order ID to queue up in the 24/7 available live chat.  If you have any questions or need help with your payment to purchase your osrs and/or RS3 gold, please contact our 24/7 live chat. We are happy to assist you during the payment.


Should I use G2APay?


Due to the many available payment options at G2APay, it is a popular method to complete your purchase for osrs gold. If you often switch or want to keep several methods separated, G2APay is a good option to use to complete your purchase for your osrs gold.


I am unable to use G2APay, what other payment method can I use?


Our goal at Ariba Gold is to provide our customers with as many options as possible. We have a big variety of safe and secure payment methods like PayPal, Creditcard to purchase your osrs gold. If you wish to make a purchase anonymous, you can also use cryptocurrency like Bitcoin etc to purchase your osrs gold. If you wish to use another payment method to purchase your OSRS gold, a full list of available payment methods is available at If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 live chat to contact one of our employees.


Why choose AribaGold?


Ariba Gold wants to make the payment process for your osrs gold as smooth and easy for you as possible. By offering a big variety of payment methods, we are sure that one of them fits your needs to safely purchase your OSRS gold. All our methods are 100% safe and secure. Is your method missing or not working? Please contact our 24/7 integrated live chat to work towards a solution.

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