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1-99 Magic Guide OSRS


Oct 16, 2021

Magic is one of the most useful skills in OSRS to level up, which allow one to use combat aspects, in addition to profitability aspects. Much like Ranged, which necessitates the use of arrows; magic uses runes to throw unique kinds of spells. There are a countless number of methods available at your disposal for training, now; we'll share with you the best ways and advice to get level 99 Magic

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Level 1 - 13: Strike Spells

Cast the simple attack spells on monsters such as goblins, cows, and other creatures that are weak. You may also visit the Edgeville Monastery to train on Monks, as they heal themselves and do negligible damage. A more efficient way to begin is to get Level 10 Magic by finishing Witch's Potion and Imp Catcher. In combination with a magic potion, you might start to the grind with Fire Twist to reach level 13 quickly.

Level 13--37: Fire Strike

Fire strike is just the best leveling spells method to get a minimal level. Be certain you equip either fire or air staff, because they can autocast spells and negate some of the rune expenses. Cast Fire Strike on animals, it advocated the Ardougne Zoo for P2P.

If money isn't a issue, you can use the best available bolt spell. At level 23 switch to water bolt. At level 29, change to Earth Bolt. Finally, at level 35 switches to Fire Bolt. This method is far more expensive, but it is a fairly quick method.

Level 19 - 43: Splashing Curse

At level 19, a relatively fast and inexpensive method is by splashing the Curse spell to acquire Magic experience till High-Level Alchemy is unlocked. Take a complete set of armor with Dragonhide Vambraces of the Cursed Goblin Staff so you will dash every spell cast. To avoid killing your goal, you can bring runes for Fire Strike and place it to autocast. With a Smoke battlestaff is advised for this method. This method permits you to train weak monsters without safespotting, and additionally, it lets you temporarily idle while still gaining a little bit of experience, though less magic XP is earned for the money spent on runes.

Level 43--55: Superheat Item

Superheat Items is an alternate method of training that may also web passive Smithing experience. Use Superheat Item to make pubs. Selling the bars could permit you to break , have a loss, or create a small amount of money based on the costs of Nature runes and pubs.

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Level 45 - 55: Camelot teleport

Prepare a Staff of air and hold about 1,895 law runes, then throw Camelot Teleport over and over. Players get 55.5 experience per throw, so with legislation runes costing 197 coins each, the cost per experience point is roughly 3.5 coins. This will give you about 80,000 experience each hour and quickly attain level 55. If you can not manage the law runes, use Quick Free Laws, Quick Free Laws is an agency in the worlds 66 where you cover 3m GP and get as many laws as you desire.

Level 55--75/99: High-Level Alchemy( Cheap Methods)

High-Level Alchemy will turn an item into gold with every spell cast. Because you would have to invest in the expense of items and Nature Runes, many uses of the spell will end in a reduction, its recommended you to draw your items in notes. Drag the note to the amount 17 slot (5th row, first slot on the left). When you click on high alchemy your mouse will probably be on the noted items, therefore a whole lot less moving of the mouse, which will wind up saving you moments per Alchemy. 

Level 80-99: String Jewelry(AFK Methods)

By Level 80, you can throw String Jewelry. String Jewelry permits the player to place strings on amulets without having a ball of wool. Each amulet made gives 4 Crafting experience and 83 magic experience. Once clicked, it is going to show each amulet one by one in your inventory, providing you experience for every amulet strung. With a sand battle staff is recommended, as it provides infinite Earth and Water runes, Earth and Water Runes are the mix of Mud Runes. Thus, you do save quite a lot of money using a Mud Battlestaff.

Level 86-99: Plank Make (Profitable and Quick Methods)

By Level 86 Magic, you unlock the Plank Make Spell. The spell turns one log at a time from the player's inventory to boards, though coins will also be required. To get into the period you will need to finish the Dream Mentor quest along with Lunar Diplomacy, however. With adequate concentration, players can attain 166,000 experience per hour and utilizing mahogany planks might even yield little amounts of profit. This is an outstanding method for players who need a nice XP rate at no price and a tiny bit faster.


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