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After Tutorial Island


Oct 18, 2021

Logging on to the Runescape servers for the first time is very welcoming. The game has a great first guide at the start of the game in a place known as “Tutorial Island” where players go around this island and speak to many different helpful non-player characters. These characters provide the player with useful advice on a specific skill so that they are able to continue these skills outside of the tutorial. After the completion, you are placed within the main world, left alone with no further advice. You’re now your own man who must survive in this empty, cruel world. But what should you do? Here are a few helpful suggestions to get you going after Tutorial Island.

Once you are placed in the main world, you may receive numerous pop ups and suggestions to buy these so called “Runescape Bonds”. You can think of this as buying gold as you can sell these for in game money. You don’t really want to be purchasing these as they are not really worth the money. You can buy gold cheaper online from websites such as here.  The first thing you may want to do is familiarise yourself with this place. It’s not a small map and it is very useful and time saving to just simply remember where things are. Shops, banks and teleport spots are very good to memorise where placed.

Now that you’re familiar a little bit with the spawn place, which is called “Lumbridge Castle”, you may want to start training some skills a little bit. The cows at Lumbridge which are just over the bridge at the spawn point are the perfect mob to attack at this level. Use the starting sword and shield you are given to slay these animals. You may also adventure and explore further. Train other skills such as woodcutting and fire making as you are taught within the tutorial. Mining spots are also very close by near the Lumbridge swamp, which is just past the graveyard. After getting used to training a few skills, your main objective from now on and forever is to make money. As said before, buying runescape gold online is quite possibly your best option as making money in this game can be quite of a grind.

Now that you have some money, perhaps a few million gold pieces or “GP” for short. You want to start progressing into the members world perhaps. This is almost like playing a different game. The number of things you are able to unlock from the transition to membership is huge. A number of bosses get unlocked in the members world as well as some new skills. You may have seen these skills already in the skills tab but are faded out. Bossing is possibly the best thing to do in this game so from now on out, training your combat skills to a point where you are able to slay these bosses is another priority. The mechanics behind these creatures really gets the player engaged with the game. The drops from these bosses usually sell for quite a high price too so decent money is to be made here. Of course buying gold is still probably the best.

Another thing you may want to do in this game is to interact with other players. Player killing, or “Pking”, which is a common word within the runescape community, is another activity where you go to a place known as the wilderness and slay other players. However it is not as simple as it seems, make sure you read and watch plenty of tutorials before entering this place to fight and remember that you risk your items at all times while in the wilderness. Player killing follows a high risk, high reward style where if you risk a lot, someone else who also risks a lot of runescape gold will want to attack you. Player killing is a fun, potentially profitable, but risky activity within Runescape.

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