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Armadyl Godwars Dungeon


Oct 18, 2021

Kree'arra is capable of dealing up to 71 damage with Ranged, meaning the Protect from Missiles prayer is required to avoid almost certain death.

When under attack, he will only use his Ranged and Magic attacks. If he is no longer under attack for any reason, he will hone in on his primary target and employ a moderately powerful Melee attack using his claws.

When using Protect from Missiles, Kree'arra is easier to withstand than the other God Wars Dungeon generals. However, both his Magic and Ranged attacks will harm all players in his room, meaning a designated tank cannot be appointed in team strategies. Furthermore, he has an extremely high level of Defence. As a result, the overall difficulty of defeating Kree'arra is no lower than that of the other generals.

The best way to dispose of Kree'arra and Flight Kilisa is to use chinchompas. Chinchompas deal damage based on the primary target being hit; if you hit against your primary target, you will hit on all other targets in the chinchompa's area of effect. Since Flight Kilisa has a lower Defence than Kree'arra it is much easier to hit frequently on her. You will need to have Kree'arra get within melee range, however, for the chinchompas to damage him.  The best way to prevent Kree'arra from using their melee attack is to use your chincompa on Flight Kilisa then click on Kree'arra so you are targeting her, then switch back just before you throw your chinchompa again, continue this till you have killed Kilisa. Then Use something like a Blowpipe or a Armadyl Crossbow to finish Kree'arra ( If Kilisa respawns before you have managed to kill Kree then just return to killing with chincompas)

By using chinchompas, one can kill Kree'arra quickly even if they are soloing themselves, though it is also expensive. To use this method, stand in the southwestern corner of the room and wait for both Kree'arra and Flight Kilisa, the melee bodyguard, to close in on you. When both are in position, start throwing chinchompas at Flight Kilisa; the chinchompas will almost always hit him due to his lower Defence, and the AoE will bounce onto Kree'arra as any other NPC indirectly hit by a chinchompa typically receive damage.

Alternatively, players can simply use a Dragon or Armadyl crossbow with Diamond dragon bolts (e) to better bypass through its high defenses. A Twisted bow is also an expensive, yet effective option because of Kree'arras high Magic level.

Armadyl killcount is notably tedious to obtain, since Aviansies react to the player's attacks and will focus on them immediately upon clicking on them, even if they are being attacked by other monsters. You will want to flash Protect from Missiles in order to minimise the damage you will take when getting killcount.

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Quest requirements

Death Plateau and Troll Stronghold to the point where you defeat Dad

Other requirements

A crossbow of any type

Mithril grapple

Some Tips:
Only deactivate Protect from Missiles when you are certain that Kree'arra's next respawn is not imminent; his ranged attacks will hit rapidly for up to 71 damage, meaning that even a small lapse in attention can result in death.
After killing Kree'arra, focus on Flight Kilisa first, since his slash based melee attacks will hit more often through your ranged armour, then Flockleader Geerin, and finally Wingman Skree.
Remember to bring Bones to Peaches tabs when coming; you will get 32 Hitpoints back from the bones of Kree'arra and his bodyguards, which is a substantial amount.
Stay in the corners of the room when fighting Kree'arra; this way, you will not suffer from his knockback effects.
Continue attacking Kree'arra while brewing down in order to avoid his very accurate melee attacks.
A toxic blowpipe can help recover some health during the fight.

Suggested Skills

85 Combat (100+ recommended)

70 range (80+ recommended)

70 Defence ( 80+ recommended)

70 HP (80+ recommended)

44 Prayer for eagle eye or 74 for Rigour

Gear Wise you will want to wear your best gear you can afford really. Armadyl is probably best for this though.

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Twisted bow or Armadyl/Dragon Crossbow

Toxic blowpipe for killing the minions and specs

Ecumenical key to get into the room

2+ Bastion potions or Ranging potions

6-10 Saradomin brews depending on your combats and if you are using Blood Barrage

11+ Super restores

Bones to peaches tab for extra healing

Any crossbow with a Mith grapple to get to the lair, if not already using a Crossbow

One-click teleport

Rune pouch with necessary runes to cast Blood Barrage to heal off the minions

Any necessary god items and/or secondary bolt if using any (optional)


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