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Best Runescape Players


Oct 12, 2021

Runescape is a MMORPG that has been around for over 15 years. In this time, there has been millions of competitive players from all around the world. Although over 200 million accounts have been registered over the years, only a few players are well known by most of the community. Whether they be a moderator, youtube video makers, or the owner of an account with level 99 in all skills, this article covers the best Runescape players of all time.


Beginning with undoubtedly the most famous Runescape player of all time, “Zezima”, the first person to reach 99 in all skills over a decade ago. Zezima was always a mysterious player and it was only in recent years that he became somewhat public in an interview published on the official Runescape YouTube channel. In the interview he remains confidential, with a voice changer and censorship of his face. Zezima's privacy combined with his massive ingame achievements are why he is such a famous player.


A player known as “Alkan” is a Runescape video maker and highly competitive player. He has maxed out multiple Runescape accounts and is one of the best rs players in relation to efficiency.


As there are two main versions of Runescape, Oldschool Runescape and RS3, there are highly competitive players on both versions of the game. To date, the best runescape player on OSRS is “Lynx Titan”, and the best RS player on Runescape 3 is “le me”.


In an economy driven MMORPG such as Runescape, to get ahead and become one of the best players requires a lot of runescape gold. RS gold can be accumulated in many ways such as skilling, boss killing, and PvM. All of these methods are time consuming and the efficiency depends on the in-game stat requirements. Another way of acquiring RSGP is to purchase RS gold from a runescape gold selling website. Rs coins can be bought for each version of Runescape and is commonly referred to as OSRS gold on Oldschool Runescape, and RS3 gold on Runescape 3.


Runescape gold is very important to become a top level player as rsgp can be used in-game to purchase most items for skilling, or weapons and armour for Boss killing and PVM. A lot of players are competitive in the wilderness, an area that enables Runescape players to fight each other. To become a good Pker a lot of practice is required, and a lot of items need to be purchased in bulk with rs gold to compensate for losses in the wilderness.


Since gambling has been prohibited in the game, many players battle each other in the duel arena and place bets (stakes) on each fight. The best stakers have fully maxed out stats and they make the most money compared to most other players.


The best Runescape players dedicate a lot of playing hours to the world of Runescape, and often play for many years. Some of the best players to date have been playing Runescape for over a decade, and it has become a special community to be part of. Many of the best players even note the world of Runescape as a special part of their childhood, and is a community they feel a sense of belonging with.

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