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Botting on osrs


Oct 09, 2021

Hello Guys!

So today's topic is botting on OSRS.

First of all what is botting?

Botting is also known as macroing, macroing is the act of using third-party software that performs automated tasks.

a macro operates by automating the player input to the game, it goes from simple to just walk from Lumbrige to Varrock as it can also be a complex one and do quests for you, minigames and skills.

Botting has a high effect on Runescape economy since it inflates the market with a lot of items, for example dragon bones, raw food/cooked food and a bunch of other stuff that could be used as a moneymaker.

Botting is pretty easy to start up, but not so easy to do it without getting caught.

most people don't get OSRS GOLD to fuel their mains or even to sell, but if you are botting to fuel your main the chances of you getting banned for it is really high and would probably be better off buying OSRS GOLD here on Ariba for example.

Botting has a really big negative impact on the game, but what about the positive one?

Botting creates new ways to make money like killing bots in the wilderness or pvp worlds, kill bounty hunter bots and even buy supplies directly from bot owners way cheaper.

Botting has been around for decades and is here to stay, everytime Jagex tries to combat them they always manage to find a way to outsmart jagex and the gold farmers never seem to quit!

Now, thinking of getting into botting maybe?

First thing you need to know is that if you’ve already been banned your ip if most probably flagged and you need to change it, in extreme cases they even flag your mac address which is quite a pain in the ass if you ask me.

To be able to be a successful botter you first of all need good scripts, running an account with free scripts is not going to get you nowhere and you’ll most likely be banned before you can make even one million gold profit, so that mean’s you’ll need to make an investment if you don’t want to get banned right off the bad.

One good tip that everyone also gives is to never bot on your main, there is no reason to and just leads to all the hours you’ve spent on it to be gone for 0 reason.

In the end, botting is a really profitable if you know what you’re doing and a waste of time if you’re using free scripts, it still manages to be a good economy with the amount of gold buyers like Ariba which help when you want to sell gold fast with their 24/7 support.

Should you bot don’t forget the 3 main rules of botting.

make breaks, do not use free scripts and do not get flagged!

if you follow those 3 tips and use old accounts you have a way lower chance of get caught and an easier entry to the RWT world and it’s magnific and easy in real life money making simply by selling osrs gold and being away from your keyboard!

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