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Botting on Runescape


Oct 14, 2021

Botting on Runescape has been around since the original “classic” version of the game was live. Botting has enabled Runescape players to use macro software to train accounts, complete quests, automate messages in-game, and complete rs money making tasks. Gold farmers have embraced various forms of macro software to accumulate large quantities of runescape gold, often with very little upfront investment and high profit margins. In this article we cover a few of benefits of botting on Runescape.


Beginning with the pioneering macro software often known as “colour bots”, players ran scripts through Simba to train tedious skills, and to gold farm through gathering skills such as Woodcutting and Mining. In the earlier versions of Runescape colour bots were very effective at clicking on the exact colour of particular trees and rocks in game, and then moving the ingame character to the nearest bank to store logs and ore to later be sold on the market for rs gold.


As the runescape engine became more advanced, so did the bot developers of Runescape bot clients. Many of the largest free runescape bot clients exist today and cater to both, Oldschool Runescape and Runescape 3. Simba, Powerbot, OSBOT, EpicBot, and Runemate, are strong examples of bot clients used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Although the services these competing developers offer vary slightly, as does their software, the objective remains the same. The objective of providing a free runescape botting service to anybody interested, and offering paid subscriptions and private scripts to the advanced RS botters and gold farmers.


In recent years players who make a lot of money staking at the duel arena have incorporated the use of macro software to spam advertise their clan or to automate staking on multiple accounts at once to improve daily profits.


With Virtual Private Servers (VPS) available at competitively low prices, gold farming no longer requires spending a lot of money on a desktop computer with high specifications, and paying an expensive electricity bill to run it 24/7. Gold farmers can instead, purchase as many VPS servers as they need, and gradually build up their network of botting accounts over a longer period of time from the profits obtained from gold farming. Purchasing RS gold is a common start up investment for gold farmers to safely obtain some runescape gold to invest in the account requirements of each botting account. This is a shortcut taken by goldfarmers to make good quality bot accounts very quickly compared to the risks of extended botting hours on fresh accounts to obtain the same requirements at a slower pace.


An alternative to a collective of VPS network of accounts to those who already have a high spec computer, is to set up virtual PC's within the desktop environment. This is free to do and only requires installation of an operating system on each virtual environment created.


For general players who bot, an effective method is to bot a realistic amount of hours each day (comparable to the playing hours of a real person), and to alternate the skills being botted. As for the gold farmers, efficiency is the key to success. As Runescape updates, so does the macro software, so the key to success is scaling bot farms carefully and to run trial and error tests each month to identify weak areas.

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