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Bounty Hunter Rework


Oct 17, 2021

This upcoming update will be a big one and will change bounty hunter for everyone for now and forever. 

First major change is mysterious emblems. They will no longer be tradable and no longer get them from wilderness task. Only way to get them is to buy one from the emblem trader for 75k. You can sell them to the emblem trader though for money.

The Points system thats being implemented as players believed Bounty hunter not rewarding enough 

Here's a breakdown of how players would receive points in the revamped version of the minigame. This system was designed to be simple and to reward players for each kill they get:

A player who kills their BH target receives 1 point

Players on a killstreak of 3 or more receive double points

Players on a killstreak of 10 or more receive triple points

A killstreak ends when you are killed by any player, log out, or skip a target (with some exceptions).

These are the exceptions that would allow you to skip a target without losing your killstreak.

Your target is located in a multicombat area

You have been matched with your target for over 10 minutes

Your target does not have a mysterious emblem of the same or higher tier as you in their inventory (more on mysterious emblems later)

These are intended to prevent griefing. Players will also receive bonus points at certain milestone in a similar way to how Slayer points are awarded
Like Slayer points, these would be awarded each time the milestone is hit. This means you would receive 25 additional points for the 10th, 20th, and 30th kills and so on. These would be in addition to the points you receive per individual kill (1, 2 or 3 points depending on your killstreak).

Player Bounties Feature

As an additional challenge, players may complete tasks to receive an immediate 10 points. This will add variety and an extra level of challenge. The tasks will appear in the chatbox and differ from player to player. They will change automatically every half an hour. If you do not wish to complete the current bounty, it may be skipped immediately up to three times per day.

Get 2 kills without leaving the wilderness (crossing the ditch), trading, or picking up items from the ground

Kill an opponent using Ranged/Melee/Magic on the last hit

Kill an opponent while risking 250,000 GP (in coins/platinum tokens only)

Kill an opponent without using any prayers

Kill an opponent without using a special attack

Kill your opponent without using Protect Item

Kill your opponent without any stat boosts

One of these tasks would be available every 30 minutes. When you complete a task, you must wait for the remaining minutes on the timer to deplete before receiving your next. For example: a player receives their task and the 30 minute timer to refresh it begins. If they take 10 minutes to complete it, they must wait the remaining 20 to receive a new one. If the timer fully depletes before they complete the task, they will receive a new one.

This will provide players a new incentive to risk stuff and make it alot more fun in certain aspects in the game as it will increase players and enjoyment with set challenges in the game. You Dont Have To Do Them! Its only an extra incentive for experienced pkers

Bounty Hunter Crates

This is where players will make the most profit in the new system. These crates aim to serve as a consistent GP income and have a chance to offer big rewards. At a cost of 5 points in the shop, they would contain supplies and loot worth 100,000 GP on average. They would also roll once on a unique loot table that will contain alot of different items from the previous bounty hunter store but also some new items and new things Ie the new godsword spec trails.

New Interface

They are planning on reworking the interface aswell as everything else they are planning on getting rid of rouge and hunter kills aswell as the wealth indicator as it doesnt really help with indcating the players wealth. They believe it takes up too much space on the screen to which i agree with.


This update has alot of promising new features and i can not wait to try it all out. It seems like it will be a great update and will change the game forever with new cosmetics, new features and never before seen gear. This will be a great update as it will explore issues before of emblem boosting and bot farms ruining the bounty hunter world. 

Thank you for reading this update to it all.

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