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Chaos Fanatic Guide


Oct 17, 2021

The Chaos Fanatic is an insane mage demi-boss found within the deep wilderness, west of the Lava Maze. With a combat level of only 202, the Chaos Fanatic is a low-level boss suitable for lower levelled players. His drop table is not particularly good apart from the Odium and Malediction shards, which themselves are now quite cheap. The Chaos Fanatic has one particular attack which you need to watch out for. this is a green magical attack which will explode at your feet and deal AoE damage. When you see this attack incoming, you should run a few squares in any direction to avoid the splash damage. The most common tactic to use at the Chaos Fanatic is to use a Ranged setup, making sure to only have a maximum of four expensive items to ensure you can keep them if you are killed by a PKer. The most effective way is to use Ranged while protecting from magic and avoiding his green special attack. Players can also walk to the altar southwest to recharge their prayer after each fight. Activate Protect from Magic, and be prepared to use Protect Item if 4-iteming. Similar to the Chaos Elemental, he can unequip your items. Always watch out for his green magical attack, and be ready to move. World hop between kills to avoid player killers. 

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Armour wise you will want to be wearing best in slot gear for you I.E Armadyl chainskirt, chesplate and helm with a blowpipe (if using the protect 4 items one) Or you can also do it with  black dhide and a archer helm but its recommended to use a blowpipe or a craws bow as they are quite fast and do a decent amount of damage however if you cant afford them you can use a rune crossbow but kills may take abit longer. Invntory wise you will be wanting to bring1 Ranging potion, 2-3 Prayer potions, Looting bag (optional), Burning Amulet for Lava Maze Teleport, An emergency teleport (optional—only works in 20 Wilderness), High-healing food like pineapple pizzas or sharks to fill the remaining inventory spaces or use currys to prevent the chaos fanatic from making you unwield an item.

There is a few notable drops that you can get from this boss. I.E. The Malediction Shard 1 and Odium Shard 1 both being 1/256 (if going for a specific one or 1/128 if going for either), The Ancient Staff (1/128) aswell as the Chaos Elemental Pet (1/1000) (The Only pet in OSRS that is dropped by two different bosses) yes you can grind all these and work hard for them or you can buy osrs gold from ariba gold and buy them all (except the pet which you can get from the chaos elemental at a lower drop rate)

Thank you for reading my guide today i hope it helped you understand this boss.


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