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Clans Run The Wilderness Osrs (Multi)


Oct 15, 2021

The wilderness in OSRS is filled with many high level and high profit areas, like black chinchompas and the revenant cave, it also has bosses like vet’ion, the chaos elemental, callisto and many more. When in the wilderness, player vs player combat is enabled and there are ALWAYS people fighting. There are two different types of combat areas in the wilderness; single-way and multi combat. When in singles, it is up to you, your gear and your prayer switches to stay alive and kill the other person, though multi has an entirely different feel. In OSRS there are many clans that try to control and fight over the multi zones in the wilderness like the chaos altar and the revenant caves. When in a multi zone, there is no limit on how many people can attack a certain person, so the strategy to listen to your leader and pile certain people is extremely strong, as one person cannot tank 15 godsword swipes. There is a constant struggle for power in the OSRS wilderness among the top clans, RoT (Reign of Terror), DK (Divine Kings), SV (sovereign), CT (Cut Throat), there are many more but those four remain on top if the P2P multi areas. 

Gearing up to go into multi has to be looked at extremely differently than singles, because the chance that you could get killed in one second by some good rng and lose everything is always there. With the protect item on death prayer, it will keep your most expensive item on you which allows everyone to bring an expensive item with them which is widely called a +1. Whether it is a staff, godsword, claws or whatever you must always keep an eye on your prayer to make sure you are still protecting an item. All clans gear setups differ slightly, with a main base of torags, mystics and crystal shields for tanking. Every clan requires their members to have return sets in their bank, meaning when you die in a war, you must gear directly back up and tele back into the fight. Return tabs usually consist of; 




1 or more of the following +1s:

ZGS, AGS, Toxic Staff, Staff of light, Bulwark, Claws

20 Black Dhide Top & Bottom

20 Rune/Granite Platelegs/Skirts

20 Helm of Neitiznot

10 Torags helms

10 Torags legs

20 Rune Gloves

20 Bracelets for rev caves


20 Climbing boots/Sea boots/Rune boots

20 Ava's Accumulators

200 Rune Crossbows

20 Crystal Sheilds

20 God Capes

20 Amulet of Glory

15 Dragon spears

15 Dragon Scims / leaf bladed

15 Ancient Staffs / Ahrims staff

25 Mage Sets (Mystic Top + Mystic Bottom) - YOU MAY use xerican bottoms, but at least 20 mystics required for some events. 


50 Annakarl Teleport

100 Phoenix Necklaces

1K Barrage Casts (6000 Waters, 4000 Deaths, & 2000 Bloods)

125 Black Chinchompas

1K Diamond Bolts (e)


1k Dragon Bolts (e)

1K Manta Ray/Anglerfish

200 Karambawans

125 Saradomin Brews 

75 Super Restores(4)

175 Ranging Potions/Super Combat Potions, & Stamina Potions

50 Anti Venoms


If looking to join a clan, there are many ways to go about it. In OSRS, there are friends chats which serve as a private chat room which clans use to communicate, some clans have open cc’s so applying is as easy as asking a cc member. Many clans although have closed cc’s and different methods of recruiting. For example, RoT has a twitter page and a forum dedicated to their clan and its event while DK relies mainly on recruiting well suited opponents that put up a good fight and show they can tank. Many other clans recruit in game, at Edgeville, Grand exchange and on many forums online. It is important to go to rev caves and mess around with a dds or gmaul to get a feel of how everything goes down, and the general strategies of the other clans before you set off on 50v50 wars. Before you apply, make sure you have the gear, or atleast GP to buy the gear when you see the definite gear requirements. If you choose wisely and get into a powerful clan, pking will be a profitable and extremely fun thing to do. All in all, the PK clan community is one of the biggest in all of OSRS, no-one will ever stop fighting for control.

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