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Complete Guide To Void Armour In Oldschool RuneScape


Oct 14, 2021

Void Knight Armour is debatably the best armour in the game that doesn’t cost any OSRS gold. I am going to explain how to obtain Void Armour, its best use cases, and the best items to spend the RuneScape gold on that you’ll save by owning it.

Obtaining The Gear

Void Armour is obtained by playing the Pest Control minigame. It can be accessed by navigating to the Minigame Teleports tab, and using the Pest Control teleport, which is free once every 20 minutes. By playing the minigame, you’ll earn 3, 4 or 5 Pest Points per win, which can be exchanged for void armour. You’ll also earn OSRS gold equal to 10 times your combat level for every win you achieve. Not bad.

Spending Your Pest Points

For the full set of Void Armour (that is, all 3 helmets, top, robe and gloves), you’ll need 1,250 points, equivalent to 250 wins if you’re over level 100 combat. The other items, the Void Knight Mace and the Void Knight Seal are rarely worth buying and should be disregarded. The full set will take between 8-14 hours to obtain, however this is well worth it, because you’ll have a huge amount of excess RuneScape gold now that you’ve got armour for all 3 combat styles covered.

Why It’s So Damn Good

The full Void sets have different bonuses for each combat style:

Void Melee set bonus – +10% Melee accuracy and damage

Void Range set bonus - +45% Magic accuracy

Void Mage set bonus - +10% Ranged accuracy and damage

Each of these effects are very beneficial and are only ever outmatched by very expensive gear. It’s often worth saving your RuneScape gold for other expenses, as void will have you covered for most situations, and it’s free of charge!

What To Spend Your Excess OSRS Gold On

Now that you have the Void Armour Set, there are many great options for what you could spend your newly freed up OSRS Gold on. The most effective choice would be something like the Amulet of Torture (for melee), the Necklace of Anguish (for range), or the Occult Necklace (for mage). The first two are expensive items, costing roughly 15M OSRS gold each. However, they are widely regarded as ‘Best In Slot’, so it may well be worth it. The Occult Necklace, costing just 700K OSRS gold, is cheap-as-chips by comparison, so I would definitely recommend picking that up whatever the case.

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Is there better armour than the Void Set?

Absolutely. But it’ll cost you a pretty penny. Item sets such as the Bandos armour set (for melee), the Armadyl armour set (for range) and the Ancestral armour set (for mage) are all significantly better than the void armour, as they provide higher attack and defence bonuses. However, you’ll need a significant amount of OSRS gold for all that power. As of now, the Bandos melee armour costs just shy of 60M OSRS gold, the Armadyl set nearly 100M, and the Ancestral set almost 150M OSRS gold total.

How can I obtain more OSRS Gold / RuneScape Gold?

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