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Corporal beast Guide


Oct 15, 2021

Corporal Beast is the hardest boss in the game or is it? If you go with people who know what they are doing and know the mechanics of the boss it becomes alot easy to do. Im going to teach you those mechanics in this guide.
Stats wise i recommend 85+ In Melee if your thinking of melee 80+ in range if your thinking about doing range as both are very effective against corp and a high magic level as having a high magic level increases your magic defence.
Corporeal Beast is a formidable foe – found within a cave in the Wilderness, to the East of the Graveyard of Shadows.

For a long time, the Corporeal Beast was considered the strongest monster in all of Runescape – practically impossible without a large team of well-equipped players. However, new weapons and more advanced tactics mean nowadays it is possible to solo Corp if you know what you’re doing.

Corporeal Beast is a boss often ‘farmed’ by players looking to score one of the rarest drops in the game – the Elysian Sygil.
Ranged setup
rangers should always use ruby bolts enchanted and use your best cbow and your best ranging gear.

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Melee gear
Zamorakian spear (weak to stab)
High Magic Defence Armour (karil top, bandos tassets, torture, serp helm) Elite void is best.
The Void and Zamorakian Hasta method at Corporeal Beast is fairly simple – and as long as you have the numbers in your team you should be able to beat the Beast. First of all, it’s important that everyone in your team starts off the fight by using their Special Attacks. The order of Special Attacks should be as follows: Dragon Warhammer -> Arclight -> Bandos Godsword. The more special attacks you can use the better, and each successful hit will further increase the ease of the fight.

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Having a pool in your player own house is very recommended this requires 65 construction and will restore your special attack all to full and no countdown timer.

Fighting corp you will want to be using protect from magic at all times with stat boosting prayers like piety Food wise you dont need sara brews or anything like that as you can teleport and get more food as the kill goes on (one player must be in the room)

The Dark core will randomly spawn during the kill and its very annoying it will sap your health if it jumps on you and will heal the corporal beast. best tactic is to run 2 steps each time you wont get hit and will still hit if you time it correct.When it takes a hit that deals 32 or more damage, there is a 1/8 chance of a dark energy core appearing in its place. To deal with the core, use a crossbow that can fire emerald bolts (e); if the special goes off, it will reduce the speed at which the dark energy core can sap players' health and prayer. This requires a person to stay near it though, as failure to do so will result in the core bouncing around and the bolts' effects being removed. 

Do not run under the beast as it will stomp you and it will constantly hit you for 50 damage along with his magic attacks. 
Soloing Him is very hard but do able A popular Tactic for players looking to solo the Corporeal Beast is to use the following special attacks in this order:

4 Dragon Warhammer Special Attacks

20 Arclight Special Attacks (each spec must hit at least 1)

200 Bandos Godsword Special Attack Damage (in total)

Combining these special attacks is only possible by quickly teleporting to your Player-owned House to use a Special Restoration pool, then quickly teleporting back to Corp to land more special attacks. It can take around 20 minutes to successfully combine all of the special attacks but once complete, Corp’s stats will be so low you will be able to kill him easily without having to eat any food at all. 

Drops you can get 4 nice drops from him
Elysian is 1/4095 (700m) , Spectral is 1/1365 (56m), Arcane 1/1365 (140m) and pet is 1/5000
There is loads of other nice drops you can get like rune, rannar seeds and onyx bolt e.
Can also drop holy elixer and is used to make it a blessed spirit shield.

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