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Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a game teeming with exciting challenges and adventures, and one of its most formidable encounters is the Corrupted Hunllef. Located within the Gauntlet, this boss poses a formidable threat to even the most seasoned adventurers. In this guide, we'll delve deep into the tactics, gear, and strategies you need to conquer this menacing foe.

Understanding the Corrupted Hunllef

Before diving into the battle, it's crucial to understand what you're up against. The Corrupted Hunllef is a powerful boss found in the Gauntlet, a solo PvM minigame introduced in OSRS. The Hunllef has two phases: a melee phase and a mage phase. Each phase has unique mechanics and weaknesses that you'll need to exploit for success.

Gear and Inventory Preparation

Gear for Melee Phase

In the melee phase, the Corrupted Hunllef uses both ranged and melee attacks. It's essential to come prepared with the right gear to withstand its blows. Here's a recommended gear setup:

  1. Void Knight equipment: Void Knight gear offers increased damage output and accuracy, making it an excellent choice for this encounter.

  2. Dragon Hunter Lance: This weapon provides a significant damage boost against dragons, including the Hunllef.

  3. Bandos equipment: If you don't have Void Knight gear, Bandos equipment can be a good alternative due to its high defensive stats.

  4. Prayer gear: Consider bringing Prayer gear like Proselyte or Elite Void Knight equipment for additional Prayer bonus.

  5. Barrows Gloves: These provide a solid boost to your offensive stats.

  6. Guardian Boots: They offer decent defensive stats and a Prayer bonus.

  7. Dragonfire Ward: This shield helps protect against dragonfire attacks.

Gear for Mage Phase

During the mage phase, the Hunllef primarily uses magic attacks. Adjust your gear accordingly:

  1. Void Knight equipment: Continue using Void Knight gear for its damage boost.

  2. Zamorakian Hasta: This weapon provides a decent balance of offense and defense against the Hunllef.

  3. Ahrim's equipment: Ahrim's robes offer excellent magic defense, which is crucial for this phase.

  4. Dragonfire Ward: Maintain the Dragonfire Ward to mitigate dragonfire attacks.

  5. Rune Pouch: Fill it with runes for casting protection prayers.

  6. Barrows Gloves: Keep these equipped for their offensive bonuses.

  7. Imbued Heart: If you have one, use it to boost your magic level for better accuracy and damage.


Your inventory setup should include the following items:

  1. Sharks: Bring plenty of high-healing food like sharks.

  2. Prayer Potions: You'll need these to maintain your protection prayers throughout the fight.

  3. Antipoison++: The Hunllef can inflict venom, so antipoison potions are essential.

  4. Super Restore Potions: These will replenish your Prayer points.

  5. Ranging/Magic Potions: Use these to boost your accuracy and damage in the respective phases.

  6. Saradomin Brews: Optional but can be handy for emergencies.

The Melee Phase

Now that you're geared up and prepared, let's break down the two phases of the Corrupted Hunllef battle, starting with the melee phase.

  1. Pray Protect from Melee: Activate this prayer to reduce the Hunllef's melee damage.

  2. Avoid Green Tiles: Throughout this phase, the Hunllef will create green tiles on the ground, which deal damage over time. Stay away from them.

  3. Attack with Melee: Use your Dragon Hunter Lance or Zamorakian Hasta to attack the Hunllef. Focus on prayer switching and minimizing your movement to maximize DPS.

  4. Eat When Necessary: Keep an eye on your health and eat sharks as needed to stay alive.

  5. Watch for Special Attacks: The Hunllef has a few special attacks, such as summoning shades. Deal with them quickly to avoid complications.

The Mage Phase

After successfully navigating the melee phase, the Hunllef transitions into its mage phase.

  1. Pray Protect from Magic: Activate this prayer to reduce magic damage.

  2. Stay on the Move: The Hunllef's magic attacks are projectile-based, so keep moving to avoid them.

  3. Switch to Ranged: Switch your weapon to the Zamorakian Hasta for ranged attacks.

  4. Protect from Missiles: Occasionally, the Hunllef will summon falling rocks. Pray Protect from Missiles to minimize damage.

  5. Eat and Restore: Maintain your health and Prayer points using sharks and super restore potions.

  6. Watch for Special Attacks: As in the melee phase, be prepared for special attacks and react accordingly.


The Corrupted Hunllef is a challenging foe in OSRS, but with the right gear, strategy, and practice, you can emerge victorious. Remember to adapt to each phase's mechanics, pray accordingly, and focus on maximizing your damage output while staying alive.

As you gain experience and refine your skills, you'll find that the Hunllef becomes a manageable encounter. So, gear up, step into the Gauntlet, and conquer this formidable beast to claim your well-deserved rewards in Old School RuneScape. Good luck, adventurer!

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