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Easiest way to obtain 99 capes


Oct 18, 2021

When I first started playing the game over a decade ago, I was mezmerized by seeing someone wearing a 99 cape, showing off the cool emote by the goblin training spots off Lumbridge. I always wanted to get a 99 cape, but I was always conflicted on which one I should get. Today I will be talking about 5 of the easiest to obtain 99 capes. One could say construction is the fastest to obtain cape since there is a method where if you perfect tick your clicks, you can make roughly 1M exp per hour. However, for the sake of common ground, construction is a very expensive cape to obtain, and not everyone has the funds to build mahogany tables. The order of these capes are not ranked, I randomly put the 5 easiest to obtain capes in random order 1-5 here.

For #5, Firemaking takes the spot. From lighting redwood, to playing Wintertodt, foremaking exp rates are very high. This relatively quick cape is owned by a vast majority of the people who have 99 capes, and it serves as an eternal light source for when you need to go to Lumbridge swamp. Good perk.

As for #4, Cooking is by far one of the fastest to get 99 skills in the game. One could buy his way to 99 with raw goods, and that sum does not cost much. With cooking sharks, over 200k exp per hour can be made, along with some profit from cooked sharks. I personally think this is the easiest to get 99 cape, and it does not take long to get it either. The skill is also AFK friendly, so one could bot his way or have a tab out watching something while doing it. Wine making is also good, but costs more than other methods. Do wine making if you have the funds to secure it.

#3 will be Crafting. Now this skill is also money hungry, and the money making methods of training crafting are very poor exp givers. However crafting does not take as much money as Construction, and as such, I added that skill on this list. Air battlestaves by far is the fastest way to obtain 99 crafting, but costs more than other methods. If you have the money, it should not take more than a week to get to 99 using this method, giving you over 300k exp per hour. Glass blowing is more friendly towards your money, but gives half the exp you can get from battlestaves.

#2 Range sums up to be the fastest combat skill in the game, with exp rates reaching 1M an hour. Going to Monkey Madness caves, you can use red or black chins to give exp rates ranging from 725-1M exp, depending on how many errors and what chin you use. Black chins are the ones giving rates equal to 1M an hour, but cost much more than using red chins. Either method will cost a bit, yet result you in a 99 cape very quickly. 

#1 as everyone expected, Fletching. This skill is very fast to train, can be done nearly anywhere, and is very afk. Tons of money making methods can be used with this skill, so you will profit by the time you get 99 with a few million. The cape doesnt take long to get as exp rates with the higher objects give you a good ammount per hour, and it is not click intensive. 

In the end, I hope to have enlightened you guys to start working for a 99 cape. wether your goal is to make money or show off, 99 capes are really beautiful, and it never hurts to have a collection to show off to your friends. 


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