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Why Bother Training Herblore in Old School RuneScape? – FandomSpot

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), Herblore is a skill that allows players to create potions by combining various ingredients. To achieve the fastest Herblore experience (XP) rates in OSRS, you'll want to focus on making high-level potions that provide the most XP per potion created. Here are some of the most efficient methods for training Herblore:

  1. Potion Making: Creating potions is the primary way to train Herblore. Some of the most XP-efficient potions to make include:

    • Super Combat Potions: These require level 90 Herblore and provide high XP per potion.
    • Overloads: Overloads are the highest level potions, requiring level 96 Herblore. They provide excellent XP and are very useful for PvM content.
    • Saradomin Brews: These require level 81 Herblore and give good XP. They are also useful for high-level PvM.
    • Prayer Renewals: These require level 94 Herblore and provide decent XP. They are also very useful for Prayer training.
  2. Wintertodt Supply Crates: Opening supply crates obtained from the Wintertodt minigame can grant Herblore XP. While not the fastest method, it's a passive way to gain XP while training other skills.

  3. Quests: Some quests grant Herblore XP as a reward. Completing these quests can provide a significant boost to your Herblore level. Notable quests include "The Dig Site," "Jungle Potion," and "My Arm's Big Adventure."

  4. Dailies: Participate in daily activities like the "Herb Box" from Nightmare Zone, which can be used to obtain herbs for training Herblore.

  5. Cleaning Herbs: Cleaning grimy herbs can provide Herblore XP at lower levels. However, this method is relatively slow and not recommended for higher-level training.

  6. Herb Runs: Farming herbs and using them to make potions can provide a decent amount of Herblore XP. You can grow your own herbs in herb patches around Gielinor.

  7. Bonus XP and Outfits: Use bonus XP from lamps and bonus XP outfits like the full set of the Botanist's outfit to boost your Herblore XP gains.

Remember that Herblore is an expensive skill to train, especially at higher levels. To offset some of the costs, you can consider doing money-making activities, such as high-level PvM, and then reinvesting the profits into Herblore training.

The fastest method for you will depend on your Herblore level, budget, and goals. Always check the Grand Exchange prices and experience rates before deciding which potions to make, as the prices and XP rates can fluctuate.


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