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Fire Cape Guide


Oct 16, 2021

You probably already guessed it; This guide is about the fight caves. You must try to survive waves and defeat the 2nd strongest monster of Runescape: TzTok-Jad.

You own the almighty, one of the best Capes on Rs, the Fire Cape.


I have decided to make a guide about this, since I get a lot of questions about the caves, which rock to take, how to block the 180ers, and how to cope.


I have already proven that I am quite a ''Pro'' in this, from which I have defeated Jad atm 91 times.

But I don't think I should be able to do it all myself, I want you to do it yourself too, which of course gives a much greater kick if you have achieved it yourself.


The battle caves

Here it all comes in; the Fight Caves.

I assume you know where it is, it can't be; it is located in the city of Tzhaar


For years you can go to Karamja, walk to the mountain with lava, and take the rope down, also indicated on the map as an Exclamation mark.

In a cave, with lava and skeletons in the beginning, go through the '' Entrance '' and you are there.


The Dragon Rock

This Rock is not that well known, and only came up later.

Here you go if the 180ers come, or if you want to lure monsters to you,

More information will follow even further in the guide.


The Italy Rock

This Rock is the best known of the 2, was always used.

Here you go in to non if there are no 360ers to block certain monsters.

This is the best of Jad, because he is often spawned on the other side.



I recommend this Armor for most, it is a good combination between Ranged-Prayer-Defense bonus.

There are of course alternatives. The armor I choose was good enough for me at the time, since my Ranged, Defense and Prayer were not too high. At the moment I am almost Maxed out, so I prefer to go for the speed instead of the Def-Prayer gear, which means that I opt for a high Range Bonus to get through the Waves faster.

So you actually have to look at your account yourself, and ask yourself questions such as: "What is my Prayer level" - "What is my Ranged level" - and so on. That way you can decide for yourself if you better put on a little more Prayer gear, or would you rather go for more Range armor so that it goes faster.


Helmet: Verac's Helmet> Armadyl Helmet> Torag's Helmet> Blessed Coif> God Miter

Amulet: Amulet or Fury> Amulet or Glory> God Stole

Cape: Accumulator> Attractor> Soul Wars Cape> Skillcape (t)> Fire Cape

Arrows: Diamond Bolts (e)> Bolt Racks (if you do with Karil's Xbow)> Broad Bolts (with 55 Slayer)

Weapon: Rune C'bow / Karil's X-bow / Crystal Bow> Magic Shortbow

Armor-Top: Armadyl Chestplate> Karil's Leathertop> Black D'hide Body> Monk's Robetop

Shield: Dragonfire Shield> God Books (full is the best)> Spirit Shield> Granite Shield> Rune Kite

Armor-Bottom: Verac's Skirt> Armadyl Plateskirt> Karil's Leatherskirt> Black D'hide Chaps> Proselyte Tassets

Gloves: Barrow's Gloves> Other Rfd Gloves> Black D'hide (spiked) Vambs

Boots: Ranger boots> Snakeskin Boots> Dragon Boots> Rune Boots

Archer's Ring> Explorer's Ring (With Lumbridge Achievement Diary)> Berserker Ring


Make sure your Prayer Bonus is good! This will help considerably, otherwise it can be tight.


7 Saradomin Brews> Irreplaceable, unless you have higher Defense, you could bring more Ranging Potions.

3 Tuna Potatoes> Manta Rays> Shark> Monkfish

* Restore Potions> Irreplaceable, maybe a few Prayer Potion instead of Super Restore

1 (Extreme) Ranging Potion> Purple Sweets possibly.

200 Diamond Bolts (e)> Ruby Bolts (e) - For Jad.


Note: Purple Sweets are very handy, but also quite expensive.

They are so handy because they stack, or go in a pile just like Runes.

They also heal between 1-3 hp and reload 10% of your Run-Energy.


Of course the Invent can be adjusted, for example for higher Pray lvls less Restores etc.

Well I hope this guide helped atleast one of you guys to receive a fire cape with! Goodluck!

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