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Fishing 1-99 Guide


Oct 16, 2021

Little tip 

Bypass Level 1 - 24

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To quickly gain levels 1-24, complete the Sea Slug quest. The only requirement for this quest is 30 Firemaking and can be completed fairly quickly. This is a much faster route for early Fishing training than catching fish.

Level 1 - 20: Shrimp and Anchovies

If you don’t want to, or are unable to, complete the Sea Slug quest, you’ll want to get through Level 1 - 20 by fishing Shrimp and Anchovies. To do this, you’ll need a Small Fishing Net, and then travel to an appropriate fishing location. The easiest location to access is just South of the Draynor Bank, whereby you’ll find plenty of net spots. At Level 15, you’ll start to fish Anchovies as well as Shrimp, from the same fishing spot. You’ll need to catch 447 Shrimps to achieve enough XP for Level 20. At this point, you’ll move on to Fly Fishing. Completing Sea Slug instead, will grant 7,175 XP, taking you straight to Level 24, hence it’s highly recommended.

Level 20 - 58: Trout and Salmon

You can now Fly Fish trout (and Salmon, from Level 30. You’ll need a Fly Fishing Rod, plus 1 Feather per fish caught, therefore it’s recommended to stock up on a few thousand feathers before beginning. The most popular spot for Fly Fishing is in Barbarian Village, just North-East, on the West side of the riverbank.XP Rates for this method vary between 20-45K per hour. Choosing to drop the fish instead of banking them at Edgeville bank will increase XP rates, and is recommended due to the low value of both Trout and Salmon. As a tip, you can enable an option in the Settings menu which will allow you to hold down shift to ‘drop’ an item instead of ‘use’ it. This makes dropping a full inventory much faster, and will save you time and improve XP gains.

Level 58 - 99: Barbarian Fishing

You’ll need 30 Strength and 30 Agility before starting this portion of the training. You’ll then be able to complete a small miniquest at Otto’s Grotto, which is slightly south of the Barbarian Outpost (accessed via Games Necklace). Once completed, you’ll be given a Barbarian Rod, which will allow you to train via Barbarian Fishing. As with Fly Fishing, Barbarian Fishing requires 1 Feather per fish caught, so make sure to replenish your supplies before heading here. 

Level 62 - 99: Monkfish

One of the aforementioned slower methods with banking and a small amount of profit is catching Monkfish. You’ll need to complete the Swan Song quest before you can catch Monkfish, which you’ll be doing in Piscatoris. The XP per hour for this method ranges from approximately 30K at Level 70, and closer to 40K per hour at higher levels. This method would be recommended if you do not want to do Barbarian Fishing, as Monkfish provide higher XP per hour than Sharks even after Level 99. Catching Sharks via the traditional method is not recommended for players of any kind. Catching Monkfish to Level 99 would required 105,839 fish to be caught, ‘netting’ a profit of just over 40M. Not bad, but also not great considering the time required to achieve 99. 

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Level 82 - 99: Minnow

At Level 82 Fishing, you can catch Minnows, which are located at Kylie Minnow’s Fishing Platform within the Fishing Guild. You will need the full Angler Outfit, obtained from the Fishing Trawler minigame to catch Minnows. XP Rates and profitability scale upwards with Level, as follows (please note GP per hour is approximate and is dependant on Shark market prices):  

Level 65 - 99: Karambwans

At level 65 Fishing and after completion of Tai Bwo Wannai Trio, you can start catching karambwans. For karambwan fishing you will need a karambwan vessel and raw karambwanji for bait. Raw karambwanji can be caught north-east of the fairy ring CKR. The best spot to catch karambwans is just north of the fairy ring dkp. Therefore having a quick access to a fairy ring (such as the quest point cape, Slayer rings or a fairy ring in your house) is strongly recommended for this method. Players can bank the fish at Castle Wars using a ring of dueling.


Thank you for reading my guide on how to get 1-99 fishing the most effective way. Hope it helps and remember to buy osrs gold from ariba gold

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