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Bones To Peaches Guide


Oct 16, 2021

Peaches heal 8 Hp each one

Item Suggestions:

Then buy bones to peaches will cost you 200 Telekinetic points, 300 Alchemy points 2000 Enchant points and 200 Graveyard Points

Lava Or Mud Staff (Provided you have enough money, if not, any of the basic elemental staves would work.)

LOADS of Nature Runes (around 750+ will do)

LOADS of Cosmic Runes (around 750+ will do)

LOADS of Law Runes (around 500+ will do)

Let me start this off by saying this is one really big grind but is worth it in the long run

(To get all the runes buy osrs gold from Ariba Gold)

Getting started:

Before doing anything, you have to talk to the Entrance Guardian to receive a Progress Hat, with which you can enter the four different training areas.

Talking to the Progress Hat will tell you how many points you have in the different areas. In each of the areas you will gain so called "Pizazz points", which are categorized in four kinds, each corresponding with the arena where you gained them.

For all those who love to cut down Magic Trees, there are 2 outside the Arena! Also, random events do NOT occur while in the arenas!

Alchemists' Playground:


Fire and Nature runes, Level 21 Magic


Fire staff/battlestaff/mystic staff, at least 100 Natures

The goal is to get items and alch them for money and Pizazz points. In the top right corner it shows a small menu with the current values of the items.

NOTE: These change constantly! Search the eight cupboards for items. The items are in order as stated in the list on the right side of your screen. The items in the cabinets are going clockwise. They just change their starting spot. The three "empty's" are clumped together. So, once you find an item, you can quickly determine where the 30 gp item is:

If you're not using a fire/lava staff, I recommend low alchemy, since you get the same GP anyway, although this will reduce your experience gain.

Now alch the item indicated by the arrow or is worth 30 gp. You will then receive coins.

The number of coins you get is indicated in the small list in the corner.

So items don't give their normal high alch value.

Try to alch the items which are indicated by the arrow or are worth 30 coins.

For every 100 coins you will receive 1 Alchemy Pizazz point and 200 magic Exp.

Gambling in OSRS


Oct 15, 2021

Please Gamble Responsibly We are Not Liable for any Losses. This is mearly for fun and a bit more excitement. That being said if you are running out of osrs gold you can always buy osrs gold from Ariba Gold.

This is only a explination of how you can gamble in osrs/rs3. I hope you enjoy and learn alot from it.

Betting in osrs is a big thing with duel arena being a accepted way to bet in runescape but there have always been player run games of chance with the dice bag and flower games aswell as toy horse and stuff. Jagex removed all of these and changed certain parts of it. Since then Gambling has gone to sites and Discords. (Soon to be on the Ariba Gold Discord) One of the most prominent sites to bet on is Runechat

On Runechat there are plenty of games to play from card games like Blackjack, War and Baccarat, To Roulette, Dice Duels and so much more! I will be going into more detail of each of the games below that Runechat has to offer;

Dice Duels

In the game 'Dice Duels' you will be asked how much you'd like to bet and how many players you'd like to vs (either 2 or 3). After you have typed in your amount, click whether you want 2 or 3 players. When you've chosen your amount, and how many players, click 'Create This Game'.

Pay The Difference

The player with the higher roll gets paid the difference between them and the player who rolled less


Two cards, known as the hole cards or hold cards, are dealt face down to each player. and then five community cards are dealt face up in three stages.

Sports Bets

Runechat sports betting allows you to try predicting sports results and placing a wager on the outcome. We currently offer moneyline bets, spread betting, and over/under. All 3 options are not necessarily available in every game. Sports bets usually incur a delay of several hours after the game is over until the winnings are paid out.


The game is played with six decks. Cards are ranked as in poker, except aces are always high. The suit does not matter. After the players have made a wager each player and the dealer shall get one card. Each player's card shall be compared with the dealer's card. If the player's card is higher he wins even money. If the dealer's card is higher the player loses.


Like a real roulette table where you can place bets


You place a bet and a bar will go up. The higher it goes up the more you get. You can cashout whenever but if you dont and it crashes you lose your bet.


A new gamemode added to the site where you can bet on 1-10 different numbers between 1 and 40. depending on how many numbers you hit will depend on how much you get. 10 numbers are drawn randomly and if its one of yours well done. 
Buy osrs gold from Ariba Gold.

Depositing Money

To begin betting on Runechat, you'll first have to deposit your RuneScape Gold via a moderator. To get in contact with a moderator regarding deposits, please do not spam the chat. However, you should click 'Wallet' then navigate to 'Deposit'. From there you will be prompted to enter the amount of Gold you'd like to deposit. Next to the textbar, you can choose whether you want to Deposit your OldSchool gold, or your EoC Gold. Shortly after, you'll be contacted with a World and Location.

There is a 5.25% deposit fee on Runechat.

Cashing out

Once you have decided you have earned enough and would like to withdraw your money back to your RuneScape account, simply click 'Wallet' and navigate to 'Withdraw'. Much like a deposit, type in the amount you'd like to withdraw, and click whether you want it withdrawed into EoC or OldSchool. A Moderator will contact you shortly after giving you a world and location.

Did you hit a big loss streak and out of gold? buy osrs gold from Ariba Gold its quick, easy and cheap. 

There is like i said plenty of other gambling discords but Runechat has been up and running since 2014 and has many many people betting daily. It is one of the best sites for its range of differnet games. Hope you enjoy and please i cannot say this enough. Gamble responsibly



Bring in 4 or 5 natures (So if you mess up you have 4 extra chances) and stash a load of about everything inside the cupoards. Stand by the alchemy guardian and wait for him to say "X can now be converted for free".

NOTE: The item indicated by an arrow can be alched for free! High alch DOESN'T give more coins than Low alch. I hear some of you think: "Oh, I'll just take a few k into the arena then! Easy points!" Your problem is, you can't take money into the arenas.

Telekinetic Theatre:


Law and Air runes, Level 33 Magic


Air staff/battlestaff/mystic staff, at least 100 Laws

The goal is to move the statue through several mazes with Telekinetic Grab. The statue moves according to the angle you stand with it. E.G.: If you want to get the statue to move left. Go to his left side wall then use telekinetic grab on him. The statue moves until it hits a wall. If you press observe statue you will get an overview on the arena.

Each maze uses 7-10 law runes. After completing a maze, talk to the Maze Master, and he shall teleport you to the next one. Completing one maze will earn you 2 Telekinetic Pizazz points. Completing five mazes in a row will conclude in gaining an extra 1k Magic Exp, a bonus 8 Telekinetic Pizazz points and 10 extra Law Runes.

Enchanting Chamber:


Cosmic runes + runes to cast any of the Enchant Jewelry spells.


Staff/battlestaff/mystic staff of the type of the highest enchant spell you can do, at least 100 Cosmic Runes.

The goal here is to get shapes from each of the corners and convert them into orbs with the Enchant Jewelry spell. You will get a bonus point for Enchanting the colour which is indicated in the lower right corner. After ten enchantments, deposit the orbs in the hole in the center of the chamber. You'll get 10 points for every 10 orbs deposited in the hole. So you DON'T get 1 point per orb deposited, only per 10!


Cube: north-west (1 iscosahedron pile)

Cylinder: north-east (1 pentamid pile)

Iscosahedron: south-east (1 cube pile)

Pentamid: south-west (1 cylinder pile)

You'll get an extra 5 points per 10 orbs deposited. Sometimes, dragonstones appear. Enchanting these will result in gaining extra Enchantment Pizazz points, depending on the spell used:

The dragonstones CANNOT be alched and cannot leave the arena. So dont get any ideas.

NOTE: All experience gained in the Enchantment room is been decreased by 25%.

A Strategy:

Some rooms have 2 shapes by each other. Stand in between and wait for one of the two bonus shapes to show up. Best way is get 13 of each item if you have inventory and wait for bonus to show up. You save 50% of your time doing this, if not more.

Another Strategy:

Switch between the two northern spots. So, what I do usually is pick up 9 red, 9 yellow, and 9 blue (Substitute green in there.) and wait for the bonus to show up.

NOTE: If you log out while INSIDE the arena, you only get your bonus points, not any other points you have earned by making orbs! So always exit the arena before logging out or answering the phone or anything!

Monster Graveyard:


Nature, Water and earth runes, Level 15 Magic.


Mud battlestaff/mystic staff, 100 Natures.

Your goal is to convert the constant appearing bones into, yes finally a use for it, bananas! Converting bones will earn you Graveyard Pizazz points.

Different levels of bones give different numbers of bananas. The bones are on the side of your screen, each numbered 1-4. Level 1 bones give 1 banana, Level 2 gives 2 bananas, etc etc. Try to get a spot near both a deposit and a bone spawn.

After aquiring the Bones to Peaches spell, they heal more health, and give more points than bananas do.

You sometimes get hit by the bones, so you may wish to eat some bananas yourself! The remaining bananas can be deposited in the Food Chutes around the chamber.

A Strategy:

Don't look for good bones, just pick up 12 bones, cast and deposit. Go fast, and use nurses at Duel arena to heal you back.


Thank you for reading. buy osrs gold from Ariba Gold and purchase all the items you need

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