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Granite maul Update OSRS


Oct 14, 2021

Here it is. The update people where waiting for! The Nerf of the infamous and deadly Granite Maul... Or was it? No The Granite maul nerf hasnt really happened all thats happened is people will be risking 400k instead of 30k. This update has really done nothing to nerf the granite maul. It raised its special attack usage from 50 to 60 but if you put  a ornate maul handle on it it goes back down to 50. its 450k in the ge and for 1.25m bounty points you can get one. 

The Granite maul is a weapon almost exclusively used in PvP. Despite being a low level weapon (requiring only 50 Strength and Attack to use), it offers huge KO potential with its special attack because it hits your opponent instantly, allowing you to stack high amounts of damage. On top of this, the Granite maul is low cost compared to other weapons with similarly high KO potential, like Dragon claws and the Armadyl godsword.

To re-balance the Granite maul, it's special attack cost is being increased from 50% to 60%. They realise that this is a big change and affects many players accounts that are built around the weapon. To avoid making it unviable in PvP altogether, an upgrade item has be introduced that can be attached to the Granite maul, reducing its special attack energy cost back to 50%.

This upgrade item will be available from the Bounty Hunter store for 1,250,000 Bounty Hunter points. In the original blog, we suggested that this item would be always lost on death but in response to feedback, this is no longer the case. However, if the item is not protected, it will be converted to 375,000 coins on death and the Granite maul will be lost.

I will however say that it has stopped alot of people using the granite maul in combat as most people don't feel comfortable losing a few hundred thousand gold. That wouldnt be a issue if you buy osrs gold from ariba gold today the cheapest gold sellers in the world. My personal opinion on this is that its only made rich people richer because now the lower level pkers who dont have alot of gold and relied on that for specs and ko's now cant and the rich can monopolise on the entire affair making more money as they can utilise the granite maul to its full potential compared to others who are stuck on a certain item set to use.

The look of the granite maul with the handle on it made it look alot better in certain ways. If you want to risk an extra 375k each death then go for it but i can say that you will probably make alot more then you lose compared to the people who dont get this handle. It is a useless update in my opinion it took one over powered item and left it over powered instead of addressing the original issues with it (stacking a spec for full hp in 1 tick) it just made it cost more. Well done Jagex for this useless change to a op weapon in the game. I understand why they wanted to make it so it was still 50% if you attached this handle but all they managed to do was kill the granite maul for some players. The granite maul was 34k just before the release of the update. few days later its dropped to 29k. 5k Difference isnt alot if you buy osrs gold from ariba gold. But 5k on a once overpowered weapon is quite significant in ways its showing to us as players that it price is dropping because of this update and since its crashing its gonna deteriate in value the longer its going on. The Granite Maul has only become less used in pking situations as people are afraid to lose and extra 300k. Dont be like them buy osrs gold from ariba gold and pk some noobs. 

Thank you for reading my blog post to day and i hope it helped you understand what has happened with this update on the granite maul and my own personal feelings towards this update as i feel its done nothing but left a broken overpowered item still broken an overpowered. If you are wanting to revert your granite maul back to its original broken self but cant afford it well your in luck! just buy osrs gold from ariba gold! the cheapest gold selling site on the market! 

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