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How to buy Osrs Gold on AribaGold?


Oct 14, 2021

Today I will be teaching you guys how to buy osrs gold from the best site out there. The site is known as and has the cheapest and fastest service out there for any gold site. 

Let us get started with the basics. The first thing is choosing the right currency and the amount you want to buy. I will be providing screenshots throughout the process. Make sure to choose to buy osrs gold.


After you go to buy osrs gold you shall choose the amount of gold you wish to buy or the amount of money you are willing to pay! Remember that depending on the payment method you are using, fees may or may not be applied to your total cost!


After you click "Buy Now" you will be redirected to your order page. This page will show you all of the payment methods and will give you a price before fees. Make sure to read and agree to the terms of service. Also, coupons are implemented into the system so if you have received a coupon code you may receive a portion of your current price off!


I will be providing a completely free 2% off coupon code for users!

Coupon Code: blogreader

Did you know you can buy osrs gold with gift cards!?

Go to the checkout page and choose the option "g2a pay." This will redirect you to g2a pay. From there you are able to choose the option "Pay With Gift Cards." This will redirect you to openbucks. This is a place where you can pay using multiple types of gift cards. From there, you enter your gift card information and it will automatically take out the balance from your gift card and process your payment!

After your payment has been processed

You will be redirected back to and the live chat will automatically open. From there, it will automatically say in the live chat that you have ordered and that you have paid. A support representative should respond within 5 minutes, usually less. They will check your order and ask you to meet at a certain location in the game. Try to get there as soon as possible. You will be traded and the gold will be added to the trade. From there, you will confirm in the live chat that it is you. After that, you will have received your gold!

After you buy gold you have the ability to earn a free 1 million osrs gp just by leaving a review. Ask the live chat to get a free 1 million and they will send you a link to Trustpilot, from there you sign in with your Gmail account and leave a positive review for the website. You then go back to live chat and you say you left a review, you then give your Trustpilot name and they will tell you to meet somewhere in-game, follow the same steps as before and you will receive the free 1 million gp!


Thank you for reading, make sure to check out the other blogs and buy osrs gold from the best website around, for the best prices and fastest service!

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