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How To Flip Items For Profit In Oldschool RuneScape


Oct 14, 2021

Flipping is a concept that can be applied to Oldschool RuneScape just the same as it works in real life. The idea is the same, buy low, sell high a short while later for a higher price. Flipping is most effective with a high bankroll, therefore I’d recommend having a nice cash pile of 100M+ before beginning. Short on starting gold? Not a problem. Sites such as offer you the opportunity to buy OSRS Gold at extremely competitive prices, saving you hours and hours of outdated, mind-numbingly slow gold farming techniques.

The Quick ‘n’ Dirty Method

This method is simple but proves to be effective time and time again. You can make an uncapped about of money per hour, but 5M+ per hour is a pretty good guide for how much you can expect to make with this strategy.

Step 1 – Choose an item worth about 10% of your bankroll. Let’s say you’re starting out with 150M. Something like an Amulet of Torture would be perfect. High value items usually have bigger profit margins, meaning you can make 100-400K within seconds with the correct flip. Remember, you can always go online to sites like to purchase extra RuneScape gold if you need it.

Step 2 – Buy the item for +5% of market price. The goal here is to discover what the cheapest price the item is in the Grand Exchange for at the current time. This works because the Grand Exchange will always pair the buyer with the cheapest sell offer. Make a note of the exact amount of gold the item was purchased for. For this example, let’s assume the item sold for 15,900,500gp.

Step 3 – Now, go ahead and sell the item for -5% of market price.  Stick with me here, this is going somewhere. Again, make a note of the exact price that the item sold for. You may lose 100 or 200k by doing this the first time, but now you are armed with extremely valuable knowledge. You know exactly how much people are currently buying and selling the item for. Let’s assume the item sells for 15,600,500gp.

Step 4 – Time to make some money. Place a buy offer for the exact same item, at 1-10gp higher than the price you sold it for. So in this example, you’d place a buy offer for 15,600,510gp. I’d recommend increasing the quantity of the buy offer, somewhere between 3-8 of the item should work nicely. You’ll notice the buy offers will slowly start to fill, this is because you can be 100% sure your offer is the highest offer in the G.E. for that item. 

Step 5 – Now, as soon as 1 or 2 of the items buy, you should begin placing sell offers. Put the sell price at 1-10gp less than the price you originally paid for the very first item. So, in this example, you’d offer the items for 15,900,495gp.

Step 6 – Continue to buy the items at the established low price and sell at the established high price. You’ll lose money on the very first buy/sell (the “research” stage), in this example 300k. However, for every pair of items that buys and sells after this, you’ll make 300k profit. So, if you test the market using Steps 1, 2 and 3, then proceed to buy 11 of the item, and then sell 11 of the item, you’ll make a profit of 3M OSRS gold!

This entire process can be performed in as quickly as 10 minutes, meaning that the potential for high profits is insane. Once you’ve made your millions, you can even sell OSRS gold in the exact same place! will happily buy any excess RuneScape gold that you have for sale, be sure to check it out!

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