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How to make a PKing account within 3 days!


Oct 18, 2021

Are you bored of killing the same monsters day in and day out, or clicking trees over and over again? Have you watched thousands of 10 minute pking videos and thought “meh that looks sorta fun”? Are you interested in pking but too intimidated by the long-ass grind to make a viable build? Then I have got the guide for you!

In this guide I will show you the fastest way to make an account that is viable for BH and PVP worlds and get into the wilderness as soon as possible. You’ll be making a low-level gmaul pure. Why this build? Because they are fantastically overpowered and easy to use. Plus, the main purpose of this guide; they are quick to make. You don’t want to waste a ton of time making a zerker or something just to find out pking isn’t for you.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this guide is to get someone in the wilderness, pking, ASAP. It is NOT to build an ideal pure with all the perfect items and quests etc. Of course I know that you should get mith gloves and stuff eventually so don’t complain that I didn’t recommend doing cooks assistant or something.

With all that aside, let’s get started.


Basically, you will just be questing your attack xp to save time and so you don’t break your pure in the future. You’ll do:

Waterfall Quest

Vampire Slayer

Tree Gnome Village

Grand Tree

Fight Arena

Death Plateau



  • 50 Attack / 50 Strength / 60 Range / ~55 HP / 1 Prayer / 1 Magic / 1 Defence / 46 Combat

  • 25 agility for The Grand Tree quest (and the g.e shortcut which is total aids not to have).

  • Use a client to hide defensive attack options!!!

Questing should get you 30 str and close to 50 attack. Then it’s just sand crabs for the rest. For range use iron knives at sandcrabs until you can use bone crossbow. If you’re rich you can cannon.

You could probably bang all this out in 2 or 3 days if you have no life like most of us. Plus sandcrabs are hella afk so just play your main or ironman or whatever like you normally would.


Gear for PVP

Head: Coif

Body: Leather Body

Legs: Red d’hide Chaps

Amulet: Strength

Boots: Climbing Boots

Weapon: Magic Shortbow

Ammo: Amethyst arrows

Cape: Team-cape

Gloves: Combat Bracelet

Ring: Recoil (crucial)


Inventory for Pking:

Super attack

Super strength

Ranging potion

House teleport

Extra recoil ring

6 karambwans (for combo-eating)

1 angler fish (for pre-fight overhealing)

Granite maul

Rest sharks.


Some Basic PVP Tips

Learn to 1 tick your gmaul, its easy and won’t take you long. Use this video:

After you’ve blown your specs DON’T TAB, contrary to popular belief at least in BH most Gmaulers don’t just spec and peace. You can use your range to gmaul as you would range to rune 2h in f2p and still get a ton of kos.

Buy a house in rimmington to teleport to, use the fc “bh and chill” to find people hosting pools

Eat an Angler fish before the fight to boost your hp

Use a client that notifies you when a recoil breaks and replace it, you’d be surprised how important they are in the low level bracket

Skip staff of the dead pures when you are new

Extended anti-fire and antiposion++ in the bank before you head out, they are really cheap and will help a lot!

Combo eat by clicking shark then Karam when you are hit low or being spec'd

Get used to dying when you are new, even a simple pure like this takes a ton of practice

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