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Oct 18, 2021

More than 40 percent of Runescape players on Runescape 3 and Oldschool Runescape actively engage in real world trading. Whether this be a rs gold buyer or runescape gold seller, each of these players contribute to the RS3 and OSRS virtual goods industries. There are many ways Runescape gold sellers source their gold. The website that a buyer purchases RSGP from often does not farm the gold themselves, but purchases it from suppliers and other players around the world.


Staking on Runescape is the only rule abiding form of gambling since the removal of the dice bag and flower games in recent years. Stakers on Runescape and Oldschool RS can make billions of runescape gold each week, which is often more than they need to enjoy the game. Due to a surplus in RSGP and that rs gold holds real life value, most stakers sell their gold to a runescape gold selling website. This benefits the site, as they can be fully stocked at a moments notice, and it benefits the staker as he/she can earn a part-time or even full-time living from selling runescape coins.


Another method the more sophisticated runescape gold sellers engage with, is gold farming. Gold farming is accumulating gold in-game through monster kills and skilling. Gold farming utilizes repetitive and efficient methods of acquiring rsgp, and then is repeated on several runescape accounts. Gold farming is much more complex in recent years as it often requires upfront investment for custom macro software , a VPS server and membership for each account being used. Consequently, this can be quite expensive for larger gold farm operations such as 100 accounts or more being used. However, along with the greater gold farm size, and greater initial investment, comes greater financial rewards as more rs gold can be accumulated and later sold to a broker or runescape gold selling website.


There are tens of thousands of players worldwide that accumulate gold in Runescape through general skilling and PVM boss kills. These players may choose to sell their gold if they no longer need to spend any on skill training. These players won't make enough gold to live off, however it is a nice additional source of income to support their day to day life, or support the cost of living as a student.


With technologies such as Paypal and Western Union, it is easy for anybody in most places around the world to sell runescape gold, providing they have a stable internet connection. Such technologies support most dominant currencies worldwide and Paypal even offers instant currency conversion which is convenient for immediate withdrawal of funds into a bank account.


Real world trading on Runescape has been a dominant industry for over a decade, and as the game transforms in different ways, so does the virtual goods industry. New game updates offer new ways to profit from offering services to Runescape players at an affordable price, and the providers of such services have more ways of making a real world income.

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