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How to make money killing Dagannoth Kings!


Oct 15, 2021

About Dagannoth Kings:

Dagannoth kings are a group of 3 high combat level monsters, laying in Waterbirth island’s dungeon. They are relatively easy to kill especially if you’re on Dagannoth slayer’s task which is quite common if you’re using Nieve/Steve or Duradel. This money making method is excellent choice for low-to-mid-range players as it don’t require such hardcore quests like Dragon Slayer 2 or Regicide. Also, you won’t need any high level skills like Slayer or Agility, but this doesn’t mean they have low profit making potential.

These kings, also known as DKS, are notable for dropping best in-game rings for different attack styles which are listed below with the current (2019 June) prices:

Berserker ring – 3.5M

Archers ring 4.9M

Seers ring – 450k

Warrior ring – 64K

Official rate for dropping these rings is 1/128 but this is divided among other unique drops, so you can expect your first ring in first 30-50 kills, but this also depends on your RNG. DKS have more unique drops which won’t be included in this guide as they have low price and our main goal is a highest possible profit. This is what actually makes this guide alternative, because most DKS solo guides are focused on killing all 3 kings. But in this guide, we will ignore Prime (magic) king and focus on Rex (melee) and Supreme (ranged) kings as they drop the highest value rings.

Requirements and recommendations:

There are no strict requirements for DKS and it’s even possible to do it without any quests completed. Although, I highly recommend having The Fremennik Trials completed, as this will help you with a pet rock which could be used to enter the dungeon without a door partner. But if you don’t feel like doing the quest, you can find DKS clan chat via your minigame list and look for a door partner there. But please note, this might take a while to find one and if you die, you don’t want to spend too much time looking for a door partner. If you have Elite Fremennik diaries completed, DKS will also drop their bones noted which are 9K each. This will increase your gains significantly, for example if you have 150 dagannoths as your slayer task you will receive over 1.3M runescape gold just out of bones. Bringing Rune thrownaxe is also required. Any different type of thrownaxe won’t work! You will also need antidote as you will get poisoned in DKS room. Sanfew’s potions offers antidote’s effect along with restored prayer points but it costs more.

Recommended combat stats:

80+ Attack

80+ Strength

75+ Magic

70+ Defence

70+ Prayer

Gear setup:

Having full Guthan’s is a must for this strategy. 

This setup is enough for beginners and you can expect to make 15-25 kills, but your kills will be slower, and you won’t be able to tank most of the damage. If you don’t feel confident with your survivability, you could also swap 1-3 sara brews for good food, like sharks. Below you can see the gear setup:

Neck slot: Amulet of Glory (14K)

Arrows slot: Any blessing, using unholy blessing on this example, 100k~

Cape: any god’s cloak, using Bandos in this example.

Armors/head slot: Guthan’s set 3M

Weapon: Slayers’s staff (e). 20k / Abyssal whip (2.6M)

Shield slot: Blessed spirit shield 1.2M

Gloves: Combat braclet 13K

Boots: Dragon Boots 500K

Ring: Ring of Wealth 13k

Inventory: Use runepouch for your cast runes, if you don’t own one, swap some sara brews for inventory space.

Other items you should consider buying:

  • Ring of gods which will cost you around 16M OSRS gold. While imbued, this ring will provide you +8 Prayer bonus, which is important to make your trips last longer.

  • Serpentine helm which currently costs 3.4M. This helm will protect you from spinolyps poisonous attacks which means you won’t need to bring antidotes, but you will lose money in the long run as zulrah’s scales are much more expensive than antidotes.

  • Amulet of Torture which costs 14M. Its high attack bonuses will help you to kill Supreme quicker. But you will sacrifice Fury’s defence bonuses.

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