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How to make money on OSRS


Oct 15, 2021

Making money on Oldschool Runescape may be quite daunting if you are a beginner or intermediate player. As a very popular MMORPG, the RS money making methods often become saturated very quickly. As soon as a really effective and time efficient method is leaked to the public, thousands of players engage with the method, and if it is highly profitable, Runescape gold farmers will build scalable bot farms to profit as much as possible while the opportunity still presents itself.


The key concepts of making money on OSRS remains the same. You can make money from gathering skills, the Slayer skill, boss killing, and general PVM such as Green Dragons. However, depending on your Runescape account type, some of these key methods are less effective than other players. If you have lower combat stats, Green Dragons may not be the best choice for you.


For beginners, it is best to make money from gathering skills. This is a timely process, but as your accounts stats improve, more possibilities awake for increasing profit per hour. One positive aspect about Runescape skill training is that there are many AFK money making methods, such as Fishing, and Woodcutting.


Unfortunately some of the best money making methods in Runescape require at least intermediate level combat skills. Obtaining higher combat skills offers more opportunities for making money in Oldschool Runescape. Higher levels unlock better armour and weapons, and in some cases, unlock quest requirements to obtain collectors items with extra bonuses. Ultimately, obtaining higher combat stats enables players to get involved with better boss fighting and PVM related money making methods. Many of these methods enable players to earn more rs gold per hour than lower level players, putting them at an advantage to get ahead in the game.


One increasingly common method of moneymaking in MMORPG's of the modern gaming world, is purchasing virtual coins to get ahead. RS2007 Gold is in high demand for OSRS gold buyers worldwide. Thousands of players purchase runescape gold every single day, 365 days per year!


Oldschool runescape has become a pay-to-win style game in a different way to Runescape 3. As RS3 has many more micro transactions available, Oldschool Runescape only offers RS Bonds as a way of purchasing a virtual token exchangeable for membership packages, or to be sold in the grand exchange for RSGP.


Money making in Oldschool Runescape is a circuit. While gold farmers use various skilling methods to obtain OSRS gold, thousands of players go to runescape gold websites to purchase rs gold from a safe and reliable source. The results of this enable the gold farmers, rs gold business owners, and players of Runescape, all to benefit from this circuit. As the gold farmers and osrs gold business owners earn a living by providing a service to players worldwide, the customers of rs gold selling are able to level up much faster in Oldschool Runescape, and with any left over gold they can purchase items they have always desired.

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