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Last Man Standing: Beta


Oct 18, 2021

This is the best update for pvp this game has seen. Instead of making the gap between pvp and pvm even bigger like jagex has been doing, this will actually push players who want to get into pvp with no risk a great opportunity. This is so huge and could be a huge step to reviving pvp and even the Wilde with further improvements.

The community is so excited that jagex is listening to players about pvp in this game, way overdue, but they're keeping their word. They would also agree that changing how your invent/equip loadout appears would be necessary, but that's something theyll work on. Good stuff jagex!

Starting equipment:

Starting gear:

Helm of neitiznot
Imbued god cape
Amulet of glory
Adamant Diamond bolts (e)
Abyssal whip
Mystic robe top
Dragon defender
Rune platelegs
Barrows gloves
Climbing boots
Berserker ring

Starting Inventory:

Black d' hide top
Mystic Bottoms
Spirit Shield
Ancient staff
Rune crossbow
Dragon dagger
Ava's accumulator
Rune Pouch

But the only thing that Jagex is stumbling on right now is, wanting to avoid confusing players, but seeing people splashing also teaches them what that is. I think it’s pretty weird to restrict areas where we can do things we can do in others, or could previously do in those areas. This seems like a heavy bandaid fix for a niche problem if you’re looking at the player experience as something that needs to be heavily guided. OSRS is a MMORPG and so many of us love it because of the different play styles it offers. People play all sorts of restricted accounts and have so many goals; there are people who have gotten 99 stats without ever using an “intended” method (pumping blast furnace as an example). BOTS are a problem that new players shouldn’t be exposed to, players using valid methods of gameplay aren’t, new players should see these players and learn that they have those options.


Pkers opinion:

Remove accumulator. All decent players are gonna destroy it at the start anyway. It's not worth a switch. Either remove completely or replace with unholy book, which would be more competitive

Reshift some spawn points. Currently 5 spawn at Moser and, I believe, 5 west of the mountain. This leaves individuals without a fight at the start and makes it awkward. Trying to pair people up is the best way to go for the flow of the game imo

Doesn't feel like much need to have both a super restore and sanfew serum given infinite prayer. Perhaps remove super restore from the standard stock loadout which will help give people an extra inventory slot.

Chests scarcity in some houses: I think having at least 1 chest on the groundfloor of each house would help players who aren't familiar with the map. Not too important though

I'd love if the ranking points awarded at the end were more top-heavy when this is implemented in the actual game. It's not the best solution for ranking (some form of ELO would be best), but it will make it more exciting for competitive players. Currently you receive +9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2... ranking points for the 1st/2nd/3rd... respectively. I think a +16/8/4/4/2/2/2/2 system or similar would be a bit nicer. Hiscores will be a little more directed to showing skill rather than number of games played

Altogether I think the update is very good so far, it's something a lot of people have wanted for a long time.

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