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Summoning, the mystical skill of binding creatures and familiars to your will, has been a game-changer in RuneScape 3. Whether you're a veteran player or just starting your adventure, Summoning offers a unique and versatile set of abilities to enhance your gameplay. This comprehensive guide will take you through the intricacies of Summoning, from the basics to advanced strategies, to help you become a master summoner in Gielinor.

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Summoning 

Summoning is a members-only skill, which means you must be a member to access its training methods and benefits. To begin your journey as a summoner:

  1. Visit Pikkupstix: Located in Taverley, Pikkupstix is the Summoning tutor who will introduce you to the basics of the skill. Follow his instructions to create your first summoning pouch.

  2. Collect Charms: Charms are the core of summoning. You'll need different types of charms to summon various familiars. You can obtain charms from killing monsters, participating in activities, and completing quests.

  3. Obtain Spirit Shards: Spirit shards are the secondary currency for summoning. You can purchase them from Pikkupstix or acquire them as drops from various creatures.

Chapter 2: Summoning Familiars 

Familiars are the essence of summoning, providing unique abilities, combat assistance, and utility. To summon a familiar:

  1. Create a Pouch: Use the appropriate charm, spirit shards, and a tertiary ingredient on an obelisk to create a summoning pouch.

  2. Summon Familiar: Right-click the pouch and select "Summon" to bring your chosen familiar to your side.

  3. Familiar Abilities: Familiars have special abilities that can aid you in combat, skilling, or even teleportation. Learn to use them effectively to maximize their benefits.

Chapter 3: Training Methods and Experience Rates 

Summoning training offers various methods, each with its own experience rates. Here are some popular training methods:

  1. Burying Bones: Burying bones and collecting charms from combat is a passive way to train summoning while gaining experience in other skills.

  2. Making Pouches: Creating pouches in bulk is a common training method, and it can be profitable if you make high-demand pouches.

  3. Dungeoneering: Dungeoneering offers the "Frost Dragon" resource dungeon, which allows you to kill frost dragons for dragon bones and Frost dragon bones, which are excellent for summoning experience.

  4. Charms from Slayer: Slayer tasks often yield a significant number of charms, making it a great way to train summoning.

Chapter 4: Advanced Summoning 

As you progress, you'll unlock higher-level familiars and special summoning activities. Some noteworthy aspects of advanced summoning include:

  1. Familiarization: Participate in the Familiarization D&D to earn triple charm drops from certain creatures.

  2. Tertiary Ingredients: Tertiary ingredients for pouches can be obtained in various ways, including hunting, farming, and gathering.

  3. Special Familiars: Higher-level familiars, like the Steel Titan and Pack Yak, offer powerful abilities that can significantly impact your gameplay.

Chapter 5: Summoning in Combat and Skilling 

Summoning isn't limited to just combat. Familiars can be incredibly useful for skilling and other activities:

  1. BoB Familiars: Beasts of Burden (BoB) familiars, like the Pack Yak, can carry items for you, extending your trips while training skills like Slayer or gathering resources.

  2. Healing Familiars: Some familiars, like the Bunyip, can heal you during combat, reducing the need for food.

  3. Skilling Familiars: Skilling familiars offer various benefits, from increased resource yields to reduced depletion rates, making them invaluable for gathering skills.

Conclusion :

Summoning is not just a skill; it's a gateway to unlocking the full potential of your RuneScape 3 experience. From enhancing your combat prowess to optimizing your skilling activities, summoning familiars can make your journey through Gielinor more efficient and enjoyable. As you progress and discover the diverse world of familiars, experiment with different training methods, and master advanced summoning techniques, you'll find that becoming a skilled summoner in RuneScape 3 is a rewarding adventure. So, gather your charms, commune with spirits, and let the creatures of Gielinor become your allies on your epic quest!

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