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Maximise your EXP gainz!


Oct 18, 2021

Runescape. The game that has most likely taken up a lot of your time without you even noticing it. Often we open up that runescape client early in the morning intending to only just collect kingdom, do a quick herb run, flex on the peasants at the Grand Exchange with your stack of runescape gold or perhaps do an hour or two of sand crabs. This then turns into going deeper and looking at quest requirements, skill requirements, items you need and before you know it, you’re at least 10 whole hours deep in playing this game at your desk. But what about the other 14 hours going to waste which could have been time invested into gaining more levels, quests and items. Here is a few ways to maximise your XP gainz.

While you sit at school or work, there are several tasks you are able to do which require almost no effort and barely any attention. Creating cannonballs for example requires you to tap the screen around a bit every two minutes. So as you sit around at your biology class, pull out the RS Mobile and away you go. Same goes for your work place or at your lunch break. However there are key things to note when attempting things like this. Firstly, RS mobile does indeed take up a lot of battery power so it is advised to set the FPS limit to 15 in the settings menu on the bottom right. Also set your brightness to the lowest. These all help you last longer while getting them gainz.

Watching a movie is a very enjoyable activity in any one’s life and as the movie ends, you don’t even realise you’ve been sitting in the exact same place and position for over 2 whole hours. This time could be used to AFK a little sand crabs, or do some cannonball smelting. RS Mobile is your best friend when it comes to optimum XP gainz.

Make sure you set a goal. If you’re like me, and you get bored very easily of doing the same task over and over for days, you’ll most likely quit. Setting goals will constantly remind you of the resulting outcome of this hard work. Remember that with ever hardship comes ease. Do not make this game, which is intended for self enjoyment, into a chore. Unless you’re a hardcore Lynx Titan kind of guy, you would probably get bored of doing this type of thing all day and night even while tired. Take breaks if you have to.

There are also many shortcuts which can be done to skip the crap and go straight into the fun part of runescape. Bossing, raids, flipping or flexing. Buying runescape gold can speed up the process as it allows you to purchase the best gear possible for you to maximise your XP.  Better gear also makes you look like a real gangster while you sit at sand crabs for hours on end.

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