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Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a world filled with perilous monsters and epic bosses, but none are as fearsome and rewarding as Nex, the Zarosian general. Nex, a member of the God Wars Dungeon, is a formidable adversary that challenges even the most seasoned adventurers. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricate details of fighting Nex, offering strategies, tips, and insights to help you conquer this formidable boss and reap the glorious rewards it offers.

I. Preparing for the Battle

  1. Gear and Equipment Nex is not to be underestimated, so you'll need top-tier gear to stand a chance. Gear up with the following essentials:

    • Full void knight equipment or superior elite void knight equipment.
    • Tier 75+ weaponry such as a Ghrazi Rapier, Twisted Bow, or other high-tier alternatives.
    • Superior elite void knight equipment or Pernix, Torva, or Virtus armor sets.
    • Auras like Berserker or Dark Magic for increased damage output.
    • Amulet of Souls or Reaper necklace for defensive bonuses.
    •  super combat potions for stat boosts.
    • Saradomin brews or Manta rays for healing.
  2. Inventory Setup Prepare your inventory with the following essential items:

  • Super restores for prayer restoration.
  • Prayer potions for maintaining protection prayers.
  • Enhanced Excalibur for healing.
  • Blood spells if you're using Ancient Magicks.
  • Weapon poison++ for added damage over time.
  • Food to top off your health.

II. The Fight

  1. The Four Phases Nex has four distinct phases, each with its unique abilities and challenges:

    • Smoke Phase: Pray against magic and deal with smoke attacks.
    • Shadow Phase: Pray against ranged and avoid shadow traps.
    • Blood Phase: Pray against melee and deal with blood siphoning.
    • Ice Phase: Pray against ranged and escape from ice prisons.
  2. Protection Prayers Utilize protection prayers corresponding to Nex's attack style:

    • Smoke and Shadow: Protect from Magic.
    • Blood and Ice: Protect from Missiles.
  3. DPS Rotation Maximize your damage output by using threshold and ultimate abilities efficiently. Be mindful of your adrenaline management, and make use of the adrenaline pool for powerful abilities like "Sunshine" and "Death's Swiftness."

  4. Dealing with Mechanics Each phase has unique mechanics that you must master:

    • Smoke: Move around to avoid being hit by Nex's siphon attack.
    • Shadow: Watch for shadow traps and move quickly to avoid them.
    • Blood: Kill blood reavers before they reach Nex to prevent healing.
    • Ice: Escape ice prisons and continue attacking Nex.

III. Team Play

  1. Team Composition Nex can be tackled in groups, making the fight more manageable. A typical team composition includes a tank, a dedicated healer, and DPS roles. Cooperation is crucial for success.

  2. Tank Responsibilities The tank's role is to manage Nex's aggression and lead her around the room while protecting the team from her powerful attacks.

  3. Healer Responsibilities The healer's primary job is to keep the team alive by providing food, brews, and emergency healing as needed.

IV. Learning and Mastering Nex

  1. Practice Makes Perfect Nex is a challenging boss, and it may take several attempts to get the hang of the mechanics and teamwork required. Don't be discouraged by early failures; use them as learning experiences.

  2. Study Guides and Videos There are numerous guides and video tutorials available online that can help you understand the mechanics and strategies for fighting Nex. Watching experienced players can provide valuable insights.

V. Rewards

  1. Nex Unique Drops Defeating Nex can yield valuable unique drops such as Nex set Torva Nex unique weapons, and ancient ceremonial robes. These items are highly sought after and can be a lucrative source of income.

  2. Nex Pet, Ancient Godsword Hilt, Nihil Horn, Zaryte Vambraces, Nihil Shards

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Fighting Nex in OSRS is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. By preparing adequately, learning the mechanics, and collaborating effectively with your team, you can conquer this formidable boss and claim the glorious rewards it offers. Remember, practice and persistence are key to mastering the art of Nex boss fights. So, gear up, gather your team, and embark on this epic adventure in the world of Gielinor. Good luck, and may your battles with Nex be victorious!

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