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Nightmare Zone How-To Melee and Range!


Oct 14, 2021

The Nightmare Zone (NMZ) is a members-only minigame in OSRS. It is located directly north of Yanille, and south of Ardougne. Getting there can be a pain as there are no teleport spots very close, but there are a few efficient ways to get there. Having your player-owned house in Yanille allows you to teleport just a quick run through town west, then go north out the gates and you will see it. If you dont have your house there, it is a ~45 second run directly west from Castle Wars. Once you have completed one round of NMZ though, you may purchase scrolls of redirection for very cheap with points and turn house teleports into many different teleports, along with one to Yanille


Now about the possibly best combat training method in all of OSRS, NMZ. To begin, you must enter OSRS GP into the coffer located just south of the rewards chest. Once ready, speak to Dominic Onion the NPC guarding the gate and he will give you a list of choices: Rumble, Practice, Endurance and Custom. As i am assuming you are reading this for the max points and XP per hour, you will want to choose the Custom option, Rumble, and the hard mode. Each round will cost you 26k from your hopper. As there are hundreds of lists on the OSRS Reddit for the best bosses, they all differ slightly. The combination that I have found to be the most efficient and AFK has been:

  • Count Draynor
  • King Roald
  • Me
  • Treus Dayth
  • Skeletal Hellhound
  • Agrith-Naar
  • Tree Spirit
  • Tanglefoot
  • Khazard Warlord
  • Aarg
  • Black Knight Titan
  • Bouncer
  • The Everlasting
  • The Inadequacy
  • The Untouchable.


The best possible gear to bring to NMZ is: 

full set of Dharoks

  1. Amulet of torture
  2. Amulet of fury
  3. Amulet of glory


  1. Primordial boots
  2. Dragon boots
  3. Rune boots
  4. Climbing boots


  1. Treasonus gloves
  2. Barrows gloves
  3. Rune gloves 


  1. Berserker ring
  2. Warrior Ring
  3. Ring of Suffering
  4. Tyranical Ring

Regardless of the style you bring, you will need a dwarven rock cake from the Freminik Isles quest or locator orb from Dragon Slayer 2 to keep your HP at 1.The whole setup is around 70m but it will give you extremely high XP rates, im talking 110k an hour with very low attention needed. If you cannot afford the gear, you can substitute the amulet, gloves, boots and ring but you need the set of dharoks if doing melee and the rates will be lower.

 For training range levels

  1. Elite void helm
  2. Armadyl helmet
  3. Robin Hood hat
  4. Any blessed coif


  1. Necklance of anguish
  2. Amulet of fury
  3. Amulet of glory


  1. Avas assembler
  2. Avas accumulator
  3. Ranging cape


  1. Armadyl chestplate
  2. Elite void top
  3. Any blessed body
  4. Black d'hide body


  1. Armadyl chainskirt
  2. Elite void robe
  3. Any blessed chaps
  4. Black d'hide chaps


  1. Toxic blowpipe
  2. Twisted bow
  3. Armadyl crossbow
  4. Dragon crossbow
  5. Rune crossbow


  1. Twisted buckler 
  2. Dragonfire ward
  3. Odium ward


  1. Barrows Gloves
  2. Black d'hide vambraces
  3. Combat bracelet


  1. Pegasian boots
  2. Ranger boots
  3. Blessed d'hide boots
  4. Snakeskin boots


  1. Archers ring
  2. Brimstone ring
  3. Ring of suffering


Once you are geared and have selected the correct bosses, it's time for the combat itself, for the first time ever in NMZ, you will need to bring prayer potions and a few either ranging or super combat potions and along with some food because you will be taking damage from a few of the bosses. There are many powerups in NMZ, the zapper, power surge, recurrent damage, and ultimate force.

  • The zapper deals constant damage to enemies in a 4x4 area around it
  • Recurrent damage makes it so that every time you deal damage, it deals an aditional 75% dmg the next tick
  • Power surge recharges your special attack bar this crazy allowing you to gmaul a bunch or use your blowpipe special very frequently
  • Ultimate force kills every enemy in the room without giving you any points.



Once you have completed your first round, go to the rewards chest and buy 4 overload potions and 24 absorption potions to start. Re-enter, rock cake down to 51 HP, overload, drink as many absorptions as you can (20 doses) and sit back watching the XP and points roll in!


I hope you complete whatever you want, wether its training your skill, getting some points to imbue a ring, or both. If you can't afford dharoks or a blowpipe which are the bare essentials, buying the OSRS gold is not a bad idea. It raises your rates by so much, that it makes something that would have taken 20 hours to take 15 which in the long run of doing many skills will add up and save you a lot of time. Head over to and check out the amazing prices. Also the prices of Armadyl, primordials, anguish are all relatively stable so you will be able to sell it back for no loss to buy gear or supplies for the next skill you are looking to train :). 

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