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The Nightmare Zone in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a unique and challenging minigame that offers a variety of rewards, including valuable experience points and useful items.

What is the Nightmare Zone?

The Nightmare Zone, often abbreviated as NMZ, is a combat-focused minigame that was introduced to OSRS in 2013. Located in Yanille, it allows players to engage in combat with various bosses from the game while earning rewards. The primary attraction of the Nightmare Zone is the ability to train combat skills efficiently and acquire unique items, such as Herb Boxes and imbued rings.

Getting Started

Before you can enter the Nightmare Zone, you'll need to complete the "Dream Mentor" quest. This quest unlocks the minigame and provides you with access to various bosses and rewards. Once you've completed the quest, head to the town of Yanille and speak to Dominic Onion, who is located just north of the bank. Dominic will be your gateway to the Nightmare Zone.


Choosing Your Bosses

Inside the Nightmare Zone, you'll have the option to choose from a variety of bosses to battle. Each boss offers different combat experiences and rewards. Some of the popular bosses include:

Count Draynor: A relatively easy boss, ideal for low-level players.

King Roald: Another easy boss, great for beginners.

The Kendal: A bit tougher, but offers better rewards.

Me (Demon): A challenging boss, but with high potential rewards.

You can select multiple bosses to fight simultaneously, so choose wisely based on your combat level and goals. The more bosses you choose, the higher your points multiplier will be.

Recommended Gear and Inventory

Your gear and inventory setup will depend on your combat level and chosen bosses. However, there are some general recommendations:

Dharok's Armor: This is a popular choice for high-level players as it can deal massive damage when your health is low.

Overload Potions: These provide significant boosts to your combat stats and are crucial for maximizing your points per hour.

Absorption Potions: These protect your health while inside the Nightmare Zone by absorbing damage. You can sip these potions before entering the portal.

Rock Cake: If you're using Dharok's Armor, you can intentionally lower your health with the Rock Cake to maximize its damage bonus.

Entering the Nightmare Zone

Once you're prepared, speak to Dominic Onion and choose your bosses and difficulty settings. Pay attention to the "Power Surge" option, which boosts your points but makes the bosses tougher. This option is recommended for high-level players.

Gameplay Tips


Here are some gameplay tips to help you succeed in the Nightmare Zone:

Pray Flicking: If you have the Prayer level required, you can use protection prayers to reduce damage from bosses. Learn to "flick" your prayers to save Prayer Points.

Rock Cake Method: If using Dharok's Armor, continuously sip from the Rock Cake to keep your health low for maximum damage output.

Afk Training: The Nightmare Zone allows for relatively AFK training. Check in periodically to sip potions and reset your absorption points.

Point Farming: If you're interested in specific rewards, focus on maximizing points by choosing appropriate bosses and difficulty settings.


The Nightmare Zone offers various rewards, including:

Experience Points: You can gain experience in Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Magic, and Hitpoints while in the Nightmare Zone.

Imbued Rings: You can imbue rings for powerful combat bonuses, such as the Berserker Ring (i), Archer's Ring (i), and more.

Herb Boxes: These boxes contain a variety of herbs that can be traded in for Herblore experience or sold for profit.


Mastering the Nightmare Zone in OSRS can be a rewarding experience for players looking to train their combat skills efficiently and obtain valuable rewards. Happy boss hunting!

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