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OSRS - 1-99 agility guide


Oct 14, 2021

OSRS Level 1 to 99 Agility guide

Welcome all to the level 1 to 99 agility guide.

In this guide I will talk about the following:

  • Useful quests
  • Useful items/gear
  • Leveling guide
  • Alternate methods

To prevent the low level training, it is recommended to do some quests for agility EXP. It is always a nice extra to do some questing and gain the EXP.

To gain maximum exp, is it highly recommended to alch during your agility training. This way you gain some magic exp aswell which saves you time on training that aswell!

-- Useful quests --

I recommend the following quests for a good base agility exp:

  • The tourist trap
  • The grand tree
  • Cold war
  • Icthlarin's little helper

If you don't want to do any of these quests, then u can start from level 1, but it is not recommended to do so.

-- Useful items/gear --

There are a few items that help you during agility training.

Stamina potions and/or energy potions are usefull during training. Especially some special courses that drain more energy then others, it is recommended to take a few with you and dont wear too heavy armour.

Summer pies boost your agility level by 5 levels and agility potions give a level 3 boost. This is useful for 1 time tasks like in diaries etc, but not for normal training.

And finally it is recommended to bring weight reducing gear.

If you start at level 1, you can use the following items:

  • Boots of lightness (obtained in the temple of Ikov)
  • Spotted/Spottier capes
  • Penance gloves

Once you start rooftop agility courses, you can collect marks of grace. These marks can be exchanged for the graceful outfit, which is the most weight reducing armour in the game. Plus, it restores your energy faster while not running.

-- Leveling guide --

From level 1 to 10 you can do the gnome stronghold course. This will grant around 6-8k exp/h.

From level 10 to 20 you start at the draynor rooftop course. This is also the start of the collection of marks of grace. The exp rate is about 7-9k/h.

From level 20 to 30 you start at al kharid rooftop course. The exp rate is about 8-9k exp/h.

From level 30 to 40 you start at the varrock rooftop course. The exp rate is about 10-13k exp/h.

From level 40 to 60 you start at the canifis rooftop course. You need to complete the priest in peril quest to access this area. This is also the rooftop and level that grants the most marks of grace, so you should have a full set by the end of this leveling part! The exp rate is about 15-18k/h.

From level 60 to 80/90 you train at seer's village rooftop course. It is highly recommended to do the Kandarin hard diary for 15% more marks of grace and a direct teleport to the start of the course. This will increase your exp/h significantly! The exp rate is about 40-55k/h

From level 80 to 90 you can also do the relekka course, which grants about 45-50k exp/h.

From level 90 to 99 you train at the ardougne course, which grats about 55-60k exp/h. If you have the ardougne elite diary done, you get 25% more marks of grace.

-- Alternate methods --

From level 1 agility you can enter the brimhaven agility arena. It is highly recommended to have atleast level 40 before u start! Also, if you complete the Karamja medium diary, you get 10% more exp.

Next is the underwater agility course, which requires the bone voyage quest. With this method u get thieving and agility exp, based on your current level. 

From level 30 you can start at the agility pyramid. It is highly recommended to start from level 50 to not fail too much, and from level 65 you won't fail any obstacles. You earn about 200k gp and some exp, but it's not much. It's recommended to save your time doing another method and gain money during the saved time.

From level 52 you can do the wilderness course. This course has good exp/h, but is in the wilderness which makes you vulnerable to be killed by other players. This is recommended for level 3 accounts, but higher level accounts have a bigger chance of getting killed.

And finally from level 60 agility you can train at the werewolf course. To start here, u need to have the creature of fenkenstrain quest completed. This method is more click intensive and requires more focus, but it gets you more exp with a rate from 50-60k exp/h.


This was my level 1 to 99 agility guide. I hope the guide helped and goodluck with your agility training!

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