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OSRS - 1 to 99 thieving guide


Oct 18, 2021

--- 1 to level 99 thieving guide ---

Hello guys, today I am teaching you how to train 1 to 99 thieving.

Why should u train thieving? Thieving is a relatively straight-forward and easy skill, but it’s also an underrated money maker. In this blogpost I will teach you to train the most efficient and/or profitable ways to 99 thieving.

In this guide there will be 3 sections;
1)    Quests to skip low level training
2)    Helpful items during training
3)    Different methods to level thieving till 99

--- Quests to skip low level training ---

There are 3 easy quests to skip some low level thieving training: 
1: Hazeel cult
2: Biohazard
3: The Fight Arena
These quests are not crucial to train thieving, but it’s usually not a bad idea to skip some low levels and get some quests done!
A final quest which is required for a method called blackjacking is the feud, but this method will not be covered in this guide.

 --- helpful items during thieving ---


The rogue’s outfit.

This outfit can be obtained in the rogue den in Burthope, by doing the rogue den minigame. This minigame requires 50 thieving and agility, so it cant be obtained at the start of the training. 
The minigame is a maze that you run through to escape traps and reach the end of the maze. At the end there will always be a reward, and the chances of getting a piece of equipment is 1 in 8. You can choose what piece of the outfit you want, so duplicates are not happening, which saves some time! The full set gives 2 times more GP when pickpocketing, this will be rewarding at the high level thieving methods.

The dodgy necklace.

This necklace has a 25% of dodging a failed pickpocket and holds 10 charges. The necklace is cheap and tradeable so using them does benefit you in the long run.

And the final item is the Ardougne cloak 2 or 3, from the diary rewards.

Ardougne cloak 2 gives a 10% chance of pickpocketing in ardougne, and the ardy cloak 3 has the bonus anywhere in the game. You don’t have to wear the cloak to gain the effect, but it has to be in your inventory. These diaries do require some questing and skilling, but if you have this make sure to use it!

--- Leveling guide ---

First of all a tip during leveling; You can change the settings in the RS client to make the left click button ‘’pickpocket’’ which makes a training session a lot less click intensive. 

From level 1 to 5 you pickpocket men and woman around in cities, but lumbridge is the most common one. If you have nothing in your inventory or equipped, you can pickpocket untill you die and start with full HP again.

From level 5 to 20 you steal from bake stalls in ardougne or tea stalls in varrock. I would recommend cake stalls for ironman to stack up some low level food.

From level 20 to 25 you move over to silk stalls. They are in the same area and gets you a few levels in no time.

From level 25 to 35 you can pickpocket warriors. They are located in the ardougne castle. It is recommended to take some food (which you might have gotton from the bake stall I mentioned earlier).

From 35 to 55 you can do pyramid plunder. Plunder the urns for minimal risk, and you can do the first 2 runes. At level 41 you unlock room 3 and at 51 you get the fourth room.

From level 55 to 91 you are going to pickpocket ardy knights. They are usually already locked at 1 spot with multiple people to make it easier. All you do is left click and eat food. It is fairly easy, you dont need to focus a lot and it makes decent money while training. 

From 91 to 99 you can keep doing ardy knights, or go back to pyramid plunder and do all 8 rooms. This has up to 250k exp an hour but it requires more focus. Also you have a slim chance to a pharao scepter which is almost 7m GP, and has the best chance of obtaining a pet.

An final alternate money maker is pickpocketing master farmers and sell their seeds. This is also fairly easy and not focus heavy, but the GP rates are pretty unstable and way less EXP/h then pyramid plunder.
There is also a method called blackjacking, but this method is in my opinion not worth the effort and focus versus the mentioned methods above.

Allright so this was the 1-99 thieving guide. I wish you good luck on the grind and go get that sceptre/pet! See you in the next post!

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