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OSRS AFK Skilling methods


Oct 14, 2021

AFK is a term used my many gamers worldwide. It is short hand for the phrase “Away from Keyboard” letting other players know that although their ingame character is present in the game, the owner of the character is away from their computer in the real world.


As runescape is a very click intensive game by nature, over the years many of the more casual players who are not racing for high score records, have found a multiplicity of innovative “AFK” skilling techniques, meaning they can multi-task on their computer as opposed to playing for long periods of time only focusing on the skill task.


Unfortunately, not all skills offer effective AFK methods of training. Most of the gathering skills offer a short period of AFK time, before the items need to be dropped or deposited at the nearest bank of Runescape. Skills exemplary of this are woodcutting, fishing, and mining.


In woodcutting the player can AFK the skill until their inventory is full of logs. When this happens they can either choose to drop the logs for more efficient EXP rates, or they can choose to store the logs in the bank, earning some ingame wealth as they play. The same applies to the ores and gems obtained in mining, and the fish caught during fishing.


The most desired AFK training methods are often for combat related skills which can be slower to train. A very common method for combat training is the semi-afk method of training possible at Nightmare Zone. Many runescape account farmers, multi log on to as many as 10 oldschool runescape accounts, and train each one to 99 attack, strength, defence, and Hitpoints, all at the same time.


Most AFK training methods are utilized by the casual runescape player, who plays runescape for fun in their leisure time. While they afk skills on runescape, they are able to multi-task and watch movies, do homework or work related tasks, and even play on a second account.


In situations such as the NMZ account farmers, the account farmers are able to semi-afk multiple accounts on a full time shift basis. If they do this they can efficiently max 10 or more accounts at the same time, which hold an average runescape market value of $250 each. So with a professional making a minimum of ten at once, the account farmer can semi-afk and make $2500 in the process. Operating on such a scale is easier said than done though, as the equipment for each account would need to be invested in upfront, and a VPS may be required in the computer is not powerful enough to run so many oldschool runescape clients.


Although AFK skilling on Oldschool Runescape is very convenient to most casual players, it is best to use items of low value when monster killing in case of any distractions that result in the potential loss of items following the death of the in game character and the amount of time needed to run back to the location to pick up any dropped items.

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