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In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), gaining skill points efficiently often involves using the most optimal methods available for each skill. It's important to note that the game may receive updates that can change the best methods, so it's a good idea to stay up-to-date with community discussions and guides. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, here are some of the faster skill training methods for various skills in OSRS:

  1. Agility: The best XP rates are usually achieved in the rooftop agility courses. These courses offer better XP rates compared to traditional courses. The Ardougne Rooftop Course is known for its relatively high XP rates.

  2. Cooking: Cooking various types of fish, like sharks or karambwans, tends to offer good XP rates. Utilize the "Cooking Gauntlets" from the Family Crest quest to avoid burning food.

  3. Fishing: Barbarian Fishing, where you catch fish using the Barbarian Fishing method, provides quick Fishing and Strength/Agility XP simultaneously.

  4. Fletching: Fletching darts or broad arrowheads can yield fast XP. Creating broad arrowheads requires learning how to make them from a Slayer master.

  5. Hunter: Chinchompas are known for providing fast XP rates. The Red Chinchompa method in the Wilderness tends to be one of the fastest ways to train Hunter.

  6. Magic: High Alchemy is a commonly used method to train Magic quickly. Alching items with a high alchemy value is recommended.

  7. Mining: The Motherlode Mine provides a steady stream of XP and ores, making it a good choice for training Mining.

  8. Prayer: Ensouled heads, obtained through the Arceuus spellbook, offer good Prayer XP rates.

  9. Runecrafting: The best XP rates come from crafting high-level runes such as Nature, Wrath, and Blood runes.

  10. Smithing: Blast Furnace is often used for fast Smithing XP, particularly when smelting bars.

  11. Thieving: The "Blackjacking" method involving Menaphite Thugs or Bandits can offer fast XP rates.

  12. Woodcutting: Cutting teak and mahogany trees on Ape Atoll or redwood trees in the Woodcutting Guild can provide fast XP.

Remember that some methods might be more expensive than others but offer faster XP gains. Additionally, quest XP rewards and other bonuses can significantly impact your training speed. Always check for updated guides and resources in the OSRS community to find the most current and efficient training methods.

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