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OSRS Best Money Making Methods - Free to Play - F2P


Oct 14, 2021



The OSRS F2P experience is quite awkward when it comes to making the maximum gold so you can bond.

Anyway there are some methods that will ALWAYS grant you a nice osrs gold amount, don't expect to make 500k/hr as these are some low tier methods aimed to fresh OSRS F2P players which are looking to get some gold to start off or buy a bond.

so here i'll give you some methods to make your starting cash in case you're not a cheeky lad and bought your OSRS GOLD

So here it comes Top 5 F2P OSRS GOLD MAKING guide!


1) Looting cowhide and tanning it.


Hah! Looting cowhide the most basic method that everyone who was someone already did at least once to get some osrs gold, looting cowhide in lumbrige, banking and then tanning it in alkharid with Ellis grants a steady income of 127k osrs gold per hour.

this method can also be done straight looting lumbrige and then going into alkharid for fast cash !

Not bad for a starter cash.


2) Looting monk robes in Lumbrige monastery

Requiers 31 prayer but gives a nice amount of OSRS GOLD per hour

go to the 1st floor of the edge monastery and then just loot the robes on the East Table

this should give 155k osrs gold per hour which is not bad i gotta reckon

note that you can hop worlds but hoping too much can cause you to be dc'd for a few minutes


3) Buying feather packs in Port Sarim

Buying feather packs is pretty straightforward just go to port sarim and trade Gerrant

this method gives you 1.5x the osrs gold you had, so if you had 1m osrs gold when you finish this method you will have 1.5m osrs gold.

good cash if you want something afkable and have at least 100k !

This simple method grants over 200k per hour and is always ALWAYS viable osrs gold since feathers are ALWAYS 3gp each in grand exchange.


4)Buying air runes pack

This method is pretty similar to the last one, all you have to do is go to aubury magic shop in varrock, and buy air runes pack, open them , buy more and then resell it on grand exchange, also like the last method this is recommended with at least 100k starting osrs gold or it'll be harder for you to get a viable gp/h


5)Mining runite ore

This one is more high leveled but is one of the best F2P osrs gold making method, with this single method you're able to average 450k osrs gold hours which would make a bond buy be something easy and fast.


You can to do some naughty stuff like buy osrs gold but who does that *wink* !


Well those are some of the best methods, and a little tip if you just want to get a bond.

Or buy osrs gold and get straight into the action that osrs offers in higher leveled content !

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