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What are the Cheapest 99's in Oldschool Runescape? [OSRS] - YouTube

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), the cost of leveling up skills can vary greatly depending on the skill and the methods you choose to train them. If you're looking for the cheapest skills to level up, consider the following skills that tend to be more cost-effective:

  1. Cooking: Cooking raw food items is a straightforward and inexpensive way to train this skill. You can buy raw fish, meat, or other low-level ingredients from vendors, and then cook them on a range or fire. You can even make some profit by selling the cooked food.

  2. Firemaking: Burning logs is a very cheap way to train Firemaking. You can obtain logs from chopping trees or buy them from the Grand Exchange. Training Firemaking this way won't cost you much.

  3. Runecrafting: While Runecrafting can be slow and tedious, it's not expensive. You craft runes from rune essence, which can be mined for free. You can also make some profit if you choose to craft valuable runes like Nature runes.

  4. Fletching: Fletching involves making bows and arrows from logs and logs can be quite cheap or even free if you cut them yourself. It's also possible to make a profit by fletching valuable items like broad bolts or broad arrowheads.

  5. Thieving: Thieving doesn't require much investment. You can steal from various NPCs around RuneScape, and the food you might need is relatively inexpensive or can be obtained while training.

  6. Magic: Magic can be a cheap skill to level up, especially if you're using combat spells that don't require runes. You can also use the Lunar spellbook to train Magic with spells that don't require runes.

  7. Mining and Smithing: Mining ores and then smelting and smithing them into bars and items can be relatively cheap, especially if you mine your own ores. Smelting cannonballs can also be profitable.

  8. Woodcutting: Cutting regular trees and selling the logs is a low-cost way to train Woodcutting. You can also choose to chop higher-level trees for more profit.

Remember that the in-game economy can change, affecting the cost-effectiveness of various training methods. Be sure to check the current Grand Exchange prices and in-game forums for the most up-to-date information on the cheapest training methods for each skill. Additionally, you can explore various guides and calculators created by the OSRS community to find the most cost-effective ways to train specific skills based on your current in-game goals and budget.

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