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OSRS Clue scrolls


Oct 18, 2021

All the Clue Scrolls

Clue scrolls, who doesn't know them and who doesn't like them? It is the finest form of treasure hunt with an old-looking scroll that gives you clues. The rewards can be huge or very disappointing, but that makes it fun for many players because you never know what you will get. You can get clue scrolls in different ways, for example by killing monsters, playing mini games, looting implings, fishing, woodcutting or by mining, enough ways to treat yourself with a clue scroll!

Where do they actually come from? About 14 years ago on May 5, 2004, Jagex released an update: the clue scrolls were introduced and players were given 25% more storage space in the bank. Since then, Runescape players are still testing their luck through the clue scrolls. There are 5 levels of clue scrolls: easy, medium, hard, elite and the 5th level: the master clue scroll. The higher the level, the harder it gets but luckily the rewards will also get much better. Low level clue scrolls are the easiest to get, but then you still have a minimum drop chance of 1/50, so not much!

Medium clue scrolls are a bit more challenging to get and solve. If you have the difficult clue scroll then you really have a challenge, they last longer and sometimes you also have to do a whole series of quests to complete the clue scroll at all.

The elite clue scroll also requires that you have completed a number of quests, and good stats and skills should not be missed. There is even a chance to encounter a Bandosian Guard or Armadylian Guard. The last clue scroll, the master clue scroll, can only be obtained by exchanging each clue scroll level with an NPC called Watson, so if you plan to do a master clue scroll you will first have to collect all levels.

Now for the fun part: the rewards, and the reason why you do these quests. There are many different rewards that you could get from a Clue Scroll, for example trimmed armor is an iconic reward when completing a clue scroll. The trimmed armor can cost from around a hundred thousand rsgp to millions. This armor is no better than non-trimmed armor, but it is all cosmetic so purely for how it looks, so nice to have. Most players do not hope for a trimmed armor set but rather for the bigger rewards such as 3rd age. With a lot of luck you can get 3rd age from an elite and master clue scroll.

The price of 3rd age armor starts at 5 million and can go up to 65 million, and that is per item! You might think it's worth a try, but if that's not enough: you can also get 3rd age weapons and a cloak. These are one of the most expensive items in Runescape, starting at a few hundred million and reaching the trillion! Clue scrolls are interesting, fun, sometimes frustrating but always exciting. You can grind for hours and find your treasure and finally get a reward of a few thousand, or maybe you will get the most expensive item in Runescape ... who knows!


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