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Fastest XP/HR Methods for Every Skill - YouTube

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), there are several methods for gaining experience (XP) in various skills that can be done with minimal attention or while being AFK (Away From Keyboard). These methods are great for players who want to multitask or train skills with less active involvement. Please note that while these methods are AFK, they may still require some level of interaction, and the XP rates can vary depending on your skill levels and equipment.

Here are some of the fastest AFK XP methods for various skills in OSRS:

  1. Combat Skills:

    • Chinning in Monkey Madness II tunnels: This is a very AFK way to train Ranged. You can use red chinchompas to attack multiple monkeys at once.
  2. Melee Training:

    • Sand Crabs / Ammonite Crabs / Nightmare Zone: These are good options for training Attack, Strength, and Defence. You can AFK by using a Dharok's set in Nightmare Zone or using the "one-click" mode in the official client.
  3. Magic:

    • Splashing: To train Magic, you can splash with low-level spells like "Wind Strike" on a target with high magic defense. You'll need negative magic bonus gear and runes. It's important to note that you must interact with your character every 20 minutes to prevent logging out.
  4. Prayer:

    • Ensouled Heads: By using ensouled heads on an altar, you can gain Prayer XP with minimal interaction. This method requires the completion of the "Ensouled Heads" spell from the Arceuus spellbook.
  5. Fishing:

    • Barbarian Fishing: At high levels, you can train Strength, Agility, and Fishing simultaneously at Otto's Grotto. The method involves catching leaping fish and cutting them for XP.
  6. Woodcutting:

    • Teak/Mahogany Trees: Cutting teak or mahogany trees in the Hardwood Grove on Fossil Island can be very AFK and grants decent Woodcutting XP.
  7. Smithing:

    • Blast Furnace: Smelting bars at the Blast Furnace can be somewhat AFK and provides good Smithing XP. Be sure to use a coal bag and ice gloves for optimal efficiency.
  8. Crafting:

    • Glassblowing: Crafting molten glass into various items like unpowered orbs, vials, or lantern lenses can be done with little attention, especially with keyboard shortcuts.
  9. Mining:

    • Motherlode Mine: While not entirely AFK, the Motherlode Mine offers a relatively relaxed way to train Mining, especially at higher levels.
  10. Runecrafting:

    • Blood Runes: Running blood runes with the Arceuus spellbook is a semi-AFK method that provides decent Runecrafting XP.

      Extremely Fast Combat XP (160K XP/HR) - YouTube

Remember that the XP rates and the level of AFKness can vary depending on your gear, skill levels, and player input. Always check the most up-to-date guides and consider your goals when choosing an AFK training method in OSRS. Additionally, the effectiveness of these methods may change with game updates, so it's essential to stay informed about any changes in the game.

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