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OSRS 2019 - How to craft Lava Runes efficiently [65-80k xp/hr] - Fastest  Runecrafting Method - YouTube

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the fastest way to gain Runecrafting experience (XP) in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) was through the Runecrafting skill. However, keep in mind that game updates and balancing changes can alter the most efficient methods over time. I recommend checking the OSRS official website, forums, or community guides for the most up-to-date information. Here's a general overview of some of the fastest methods for gaining Runecrafting XP:

  1. Abyss Runecrafting: This method involves crafting runes through the Abyss, which requires completing the "Enter the Abyss" miniquest. The Abyss provides fast experience rates, especially for high-level runes like Nature runes, Astral runes, and Death runes. You'll need a small or medium Runecrafting pouch and a high Runecrafting level for the best results.

  2. Zeah Runecrafting (Blood and Soul Runes): With the addition of the Great Kourend city and the Arceuus spellbook, you can craft Blood and Soul runes for good XP rates. The Arceuus spellbook offers teleportation to various altars, making it efficient for crafting these runes.

  3. Lava Runes: Crafting Lava runes can be a fast way to train Runecrafting at higher levels. You'll need a Ring of dueling to teleport to the Duel Arena and access the altar. This method provides excellent XP rates but can be costly due to the high Rune essence required.

  4. Combination Runes: Combination runes like Mud runes and Mist runes offer decent XP rates and can be crafted efficiently. These runes require combining two types of essence instead of one.

  5. Runecrafting Dailies: Make sure to do your daily activities, such as the Rune Goldberg Machine and Rune/Pure Essence daily purchases from NPC Wizard Cromperty. These can provide you with additional Runecrafting XP.

  6. Runecrafting Tiaras and Talismans: At lower levels, you can craft tiaras or use talismans on altars to gain XP. This method is slower than others but can be a good starting point for beginners.

Remember that the most efficient method may change over time with game updates and balancing adjustments, so always check the latest information from the OSRS community for the most up-to-date training methods and XP rates. Additionally, you may want to consider incorporating Runecrafting pouches, graceful outfit, and other gear or items that can boost your efficiency.

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