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OSRS Last Man Standing Update


Oct 17, 2021

How the game is played


Upon arrival to the island, the player's combat stats, as well as Agility, are boosted to 99 for the duration of the game. The only exception is Defence, which is only boosted to 75. All prayers (excluding Redemption and Preserve) can be used, and the player's spellbook is switched to the Ancient Magicks, even if Desert Treasure is not completed. In addition, players are given infinite run energy. Once the player arrives, the game will begin in 7 seconds.

Upon killing a player, the player's stats, run energy and special attack and supplies are all replenished. Players will also receive a bloody key (or a bloodier key if there are less than five players), which they should use on a chest to receive more powerful equipment. During this time, players are also unattackable for 20 seconds, giving them time to find a chest to loot as well as preparing for the next fight against another player.


Dragon claws, Armadyl godsword, Armadyl crossbow, Staff of the Dead, Granite maul, Dark bow with Dragon arrows

Infernal cape, Mage's book, Seers ring (i), Elder maul, Kodai wand, Ghrazi rapier, Occult Necklace, Heavy ballista with Dragon javelins


Ahrim's robetop, Ahrim's robeskirt. Karil's leathertop, Dharok's platelegs, Torag's platelegs, Verac's plateskirtDharok's helmGuthan's helm

Torag's helm, Verac's helm, Amulet of fury, Blessed spirit shield, Eternal boots, Bandos tassets

If a player is in the final five survivors, they'll start to receive bloodier keys as a drop. These roll on the same defensive loot table as the standard bloody keys, but also roll on an upgraded version of the Offensive loot table which contains the following:

Zuriel's staff

Morrigan's javelins

Vesta's longsword

Statius's warhammer

Loot crates will still appear on the map as before, but now roll on the upgraded offensive loot table.

Starting equipment:

Players now have the ability to customize their loadouts before starting a game. This can be done via the supply chest outside the lobby. It will highlight items in red if the loadout contains an illegal quantity of an item such as having more than 2 karambwans. But if not changed this is what you will start with.

Starting gear:

Helm of neitiznot
Imbued god cape
Amulet of glory
Adamant Diamond bolts (e)
Abyssal whip
Mystic robe top
Dragon defender
Rune platelegs
Barrows gloves
Climbing boots
Berserker ring

Starting Inventory:

Black d' hide top
Mystic Bottoms
Spirit Shield
Ancient staff
Rune crossbow
Dragon dagger
Ava's accumulator
Rune Pouch



Playing a casual game yields no rewards. In competitive and high stakes games, players are given a certain amount of virtual points based on their performance in a game:

1st place - 5 points

2nd place - 4 points

3rd/4th place - 3 points

5th-9th place - 2 points

10th-19th place - 1 point

Players also obtain a bonus point for killing three players in a game, or two if they've killed five or more players. The bonus points do not stack with each other.

These points can be exchanged for reward items at Justine's reward shop, Justine's stuff for the Last Shopper Standing. The only tradeable items listed are the trouver parchment and swift blade. Also while the Guthixian icon is untradeable, the item it is used to create, the staff of balance, is tradeable.

For high stakes games, the sole survivor of the match will win 15,000,000 coins and the runner-up is awarded 5,000,000 coins, which is put into a chest near Justine where it may be claimed anytime by the player. For players in third to fifth place, they will have their next high stakes game free of charge. Since a minimum of 24 players are needed to enter the game, 24,000,000 coins are put into the match. 20,000,000 of that are redistributed to the last two players and three players get free access to their next game removing 3,000,000 coins that are put into a single match, meaning that Last Man Standing acts as a money sink with a minimum of 1,000,000 coins leaving the game per competitive match.

Players will no longer receive loot from locations such as drawers and cupboards - only chests. These chests will now require a bloody key to be opened, which are still dropped when you kill an opponent. When looting a chest this way, your loot rolls once on an offensive loot table and once on a defensive loot table:

Crates of loot now spawn in LMS on F2P worlds as they do on members' worlds.

The US Last Man Standing world has been moved from world 492 to 469 so that non-members can use it.

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