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OSRS Max Cape


Oct 14, 2021

The Oldschool RS Max cape is awarded to the competitive players of Oldschool Runescape who have reached level 99 in all skills. Achieving the max cape requires a lot of patience as it is very time consuming. Some skills require a lot of runescape gold to reach the max level of 99, so obtaining a max cape in oldschool runescape is also very expensive.


If a player accumulates the rs gold required to fund the expensive skills, it adds more time to the process, so the majority of Max Cape players purchase OSRS Gold to be ahead of other competitive players. Purchasing the RS2007 gold speeds up the entire process as many of the expensive skills are relatively quick to train when a player has the required amount of RSGP to spend.


A max cape account on Oldschool is worth much more than a Max cape on Runescape 3. This is because there are thousands of accounts with 99 in all skills on Runescape 3, but not so many on oldschool runescape. Max cape accounts on Oldschool runescape have been sold for over $1000 in the past, which is a lot of money for most people, although $1000 is not a worthwhile return for the amount of time and runescape gold it takes to obtain a max cape from scratch.


The max cape is purchased from the NPC “Max” for a little under 2.3 million runescape coins. This enables a rs gold sink in Oldschool runescape, contributing to a more stabalized economy. It is also an additional expense to be considered by any competitive player trying to obtain the max cape.


As of writing this article there is not a Completionist cape available in Oldschool yet, as most of the completionist cape requirements in RS3 involve content that does not exist on the RS 2007 version of the game. There has been many reddit discussions about possibly adding a completionist cape to oldschool runescape, and most of these discussions are debates in relation to what the requirements would be to achieve the completionist cape after achieving the max cape following level 99 in all skills.  One likely requirement would be completing all quests and tasks, as those are some of the requirements for the Runescape 3 version of the game.


If a completionist cape was to be added, the trimmed version of the completionist cape for oldschool runescape would most likely require a set number of castle wars games to be completed, which is a long and tedious task for even the most competitive of players.

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