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OSRS Money Makers!


Oct 18, 2021

Runescape gold pieces. Runescape gold is the centre and heart of the game. It controls your status and overall experience of the game. Have a lot of money and you will be able to counter any boss you may come across or train any skill efficiently and a lot better than you would have with less money. Gold allows you to purchase items to help you succeed and progress in this game. Here are a few money making methods which you may use to increase that bank of yours.

Straight away we have the main man himself, Zulrah. A very profitable snake with medium levels of requirements but very well worth it in the end. This creature commonly known as the ‘Money Snake’ is unlocked after the regicide quest and has average priced drops of around 100,000gp per kill and does not take very long at all to slay. He is a boss of consistence as you will be constantly making money and never take a loss. Once in a while he may drop unique’s which are worth a fair amount which overall increases the money per hour in the long run. It may take a while to learn the rotation and positioning of this boss however there are many guides and video tutorials out there which can help you out.

Vorkath is another boss very similar to Zulrah. Unlike Zulrah, Vorkath is very simple to learn and kill, the money per hour is slightly higher than Zulrah but Vorkath has the very rare drops of the two visages. If these are hit on the drop table then you’ve hit the jackpot. The money on this boss is very consistent and you will be receiving almost exactly the same amount per hour.

Staking... Staking is gambling before I say anything. However if done responsibly and slowly. It may potentially be very profitable. If you have 500m in the bank, you do not need to go all in to feel satisfied with the profit. Even a 1m stake win is good. If you think about it, 1m in 2 minutes is very, very fast money. This is what you call gambling responsibly. Of course the occasional all in bank chuck is ok as gambling is a well known great thrill and quite possibly a main part of this game. Just know that there are scammers out there so be sure to use a maxed account to avoid scammers and to find fast bets. There are many websites out there that provide the service of renting out staking account such as Ariba Gold.

Finally, to avoid the crap and just jump straight into the action. Buying gold is probably your best bet. It’s pretty much risk free, cheap and a lot better than buying bonds. You can avoid spending hundreds of hours at Zulrah to get that item you want. Just buy the gold if you desperately need it quick. It saves a lot of time and realistically, is it worth spending the time grinding a boss over and over again just to buy that item you wanted?

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