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OSRS Farming Training Guide From Level 1 to 99 | Probemas

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), farming is a skill that allows you to grow various crops, herbs, and trees. In the free-to-play (F2P) version of the game, you have limited options for training farming, but in the pay-to-play (P2P) version, there are many more methods available for gaining farming experience (XP). Here are some common P2P methods for training farming in OSRS:

  1. Tree Runs: One of the most popular methods is doing tree runs. You can plant various types of trees, such as oak, willow, maple, yew, and magic trees. Each tree provides a significant amount of XP when harvested. You should also plant fruit trees like apple, banana, and palm trees for extra XP. The best time to do tree runs is when the trees have fully grown.

  2. Herb Runs: Herb farming is another excellent way to gain XP. You can plant different herbs like guam, ranarr, snapdragon, and more. Harvesting herbs gives you both farming and herblore XP. Some herbs are more profitable than others, so check the Grand Exchange prices to maximize your gains.

  3. Allotment and Flower Runs: You can also plant vegetables and flowers in allotment patches and flower patches. These give decent farming XP and can be done alongside tree and herb runs.

  4. Bushes and Hops: Planting bushes like strawberries and watermelons or hops like barley and yanillian can be a good way to train farming as well.

  5. Fruit Trees: In addition to regular trees, you can plant fruit trees like apple, banana, and palm trees. These provide substantial XP when they are fully grown and harvested.

  6. Special Plants: Some special plants like cacti and belladonna can be grown for unique XP. They have a shorter growth time compared to trees and herbs.

  7. Cacti: Planting cacti in the cactus patch in the Al Kharid desert is a quick way to gain farming XP. These grow relatively fast and can be harvested for XP.

  8. Tithe Farm: Tithe Farm is a minigame located in Hosidius that focuses solely on farming. It offers a unique way to gain XP and provides farming rewards as well.

  9. Farming Contracts: You can complete farming contracts assigned by various NPCs across Gielinor for additional XP and rewards.

  10. Gardening for XP Lamps: Some quest rewards and activities like the Garden of Tranquillity quest can give you XP lamps that can be used on your farming skill.

Remember to use items like the farmer's outfit and various boosts like compost to increase your farming XP gains. The farming skill is all about patience and consistency, as many crops take time to grow. Be sure to use the best available patches for each type of crop you want to plant to maximize your XP gains.

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