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OSRS P2P Range 3

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), if you're looking to train Ranged as a pay-to-play (P2P) player, there are several methods you can use to gain experience efficiently. Here are some popular methods:

  1. Chinning at the Monkey Madness II caves:

    • Requirements: Completion of Monkey Madness II quest.
    • This method involves using chinchompas (red or black) to train Ranged quickly. You can chin maniacal monkeys in the Monkey Madness II caves. It's an expensive but very fast method.
  2. Blowpipe at the Nightmare Zone:

    • Requirements: Completion of the Roving Elves quest and access to the Nightmare Zone.
    • The Toxic Blowpipe is a fast and efficient way to train Ranged. You can use darts such as adamant or rune darts for this method.
  3. Broad Bolts and Slayer Tasks:

    • Requirements: Completion of the Smoking Kills quest.
    • Completing Slayer tasks with a crossbow or bow with broad bolts is a good way to train Ranged while also training Slayer. Broad bolts are cost-effective and efficient.
  4. Abyssal Whip and Magic Shortbow:

    • Requirements: Completion of the Monkey Madness quest for the Magic Shortbow.
    • Pairing an Abyssal Whip with a Magic Shortbow and rune arrows or better can be an affordable and decent training method for Ranged.
  5. Knives or Darts at Sand Crabs or Ammonite Crabs:

    • Requirements: Completion of the Bone Voyage quest for Ammonite Crabs.
    • You can train Ranged with darts or throwing knives at Sand Crabs or Ammonite Crabs. This method is relatively AFK and less expensive.
  6. Ranged Slayer Tasks:

    • Completing Slayer tasks that require Ranged combat can be a great way to gain experience while also earning Slayer points and other rewards.
  7. Ranged Dungeons (Taverley Dungeon, Waterbirth Island Dungeon, etc.):

    • Some dungeons have ranged-based creatures like Blue Dragons, which can be good for training Ranged.

Remember to bring the appropriate gear and inventory setup for your chosen method, and consider using Ava's Device for its Ranged bonuses and ammo retrieval. The best method for you will depend on your budget, preferences, and goals. Always check the current OSRS meta and prices as they may change over time. 


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