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The Best AFK Magic Training Methods in OSRS (F2P + P2P) – FandomSpot

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), there are several effective methods for training Magic in the pay-to-play (P2P) version of the game. Magic is a versatile skill with various combat and utility spells, and it can be trained in different ways to suit your preferences and goals. Here are some common methods for P2P Magic training in OSRS:

  1. Combat Spells: This is one of the most common ways to train Magic in P2P. You can cast combat spells on monsters or NPCs. Popular choices include Fire Bolt, Fire Blast, and Trident of the Seas/Swamp. You can choose to use either a staff or a wand and book for autocasting spells. Train on monsters with decent hitpoints and good drops for profit.

  2. Alching: High Alchemy is a popular way to train Magic while making money. You can buy items from the Grand Exchange at a low price, alch them for a profit, and gain Magic XP in the process. Common alchable items include rune items, battlestaves, and certain jewelry.

  3. Teleportation Spells: Training Magic by using teleportation spells can be both convenient and profitable. Spells like Varrock Teleport, Camelot Teleport, and Ardougne Teleport can be cast for experience, and they also provide useful transportation around Gielinor.

  4. Enchanting Jewelry: Enchanting jewelry is another profitable Magic training method. Casting enchantment spells on various amulets, rings, and bracelets can yield both Magic experience and valuable enchanted jewelry, which can be sold for a profit. Popular enchantment spells include Lvl-3 Enchant and Lvl-4 Enchant.

  5. Lunar Spellbook: The Lunar spellbook offers unique spells for Magic training and utility. The "String Jewelry" spell and "Plank Make" spell are commonly used for Magic XP and profit, respectively.

  6. Abyssal Runecrafting: If you have a high Runecrafting level, you can combine it with Magic training by crafting runes through the Abyss. This method can be profitable, as well as provide decent Magic XP.

  7. Bolt Enchantment: Enchanting crossbow bolts can be a profitable way to train Magic. You can enchant a variety of bolts for both Magic experience and potential profit.

  8. High-Level Bossing: Some high-level bosses require Magic to be effective, such as the Corporeal Beast. Training your Magic while bossing can be a fun and rewarding way to gain experience.

Remember to use appropriate gear, potions, and spells for your chosen training method. Also, consider wearing gear that increases your Magic damage and provides bonuses to save on runes or increase your damage output. Training Magic in OSRS can be both profitable and enjoyable, so choose a method that suits your playstyle and goals.


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