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OSRS Quick money making methods!


Oct 18, 2021

Killing Ankous – 140k/h

Requirements: Combat stats to kill multiple level 75s.

Ask any slayer expert, Ankous are absolutely amazing money and exp for such an easy monster. For this Runescape money making method, you’ll simply need some extremely basic combat equipment to kill these level 75s (trust me – they’re really weak!), and some food. Quick tip –since Ankous are weak to melee, we suggest bringing melee equipment.

Once you’ve got everything, it’s time to head to Barbarian Village. More specifically, you’ll need to go down to the Stronghold of Security, using the hole as shown on the map. Navigating through the mazes of each level, you’ll find yourself on the bottom floor, the “Sepulchre of Death” floor. And as shown on the map, all you need to do is make your way to the purple dot, and there you go – you’ve found the Ankous! From there, it’s as simple as killing them, collecting a full inventory, heading back up to the surface, bank, and rinse and repeat! For even faster trips, we recommend teleport tablets.

Mining Iron Ore – 150k/h

Requirements: 15 Mining

Here’s one for all you Runescape Free to Play players out there – Mining Iron Ore. For this relatively simple OSRS money making guide, you’ll just need the best pickaxe you can use (Just in case you forgot, use an Iron Pickaxe at level 1, Steel at level 6, Black at level 11, Mithril at level 21, Adamant at level 31, Rune at 41 and if you’ve got the money; Dragon at 61). Quick tip – if you’ve got the armor from Varrock Easy Diaries – wear it! It gives you a 10% chance to double up on your ores, which will add up over time.

With your pickaxe, head over to the south-west Varrock mine, as shown on the map. From there, simply mine away at the iron rocks. Once you’ve accumulated a full inventory, simply head up north to the Varrock West bank, and keep going! In no time, you’ll have thousands of iron ore, and some mining levels as well!

Crafting Teleport to House Tablets – 155k/h

Requirements: 40 Magic

Ask any OSRS Player how much they use their teleport to house tablets – and it’ll amaze you! Therefore, it only makes sense to capitalize on this, and make some house teleport tablets of our own. Plus, this method is extremely AFK! For this OSRS Money Making method, you’ll need to get either an amulet or glory or a ring dueling, an air staff, some soft clay (depending on the amount of teleport tablets you wish to make), law runes, earth runes, and a teleport to a house which has a mahogany eagle lectern in it. Also, if there’s a portal chamber in the house you’re using, that saves you an inventory spot.

To start, with your items equipped and, in your inventory, fill up the rest of the spots in your inventory with soft clay. Next, head to your chosen house with the mahogany eagle lectern, select ‘Study Lectern,’ make your house tablets, and sit back and relax! The process is quite long, so make sure you have something to do on the side. Once they’ve all been made, teleport away to a bank, and do it all over again!

Killing Chaos Druids – 200k/h

Requirements: Combat stats to kill multiple level 13s

Chaos Druids have always been the low-level secret to OSRS riches, ask any Runescape player! To kill these extremely easy level 13s, all you need is some very basic weaponry, and if you’ve got a looting bag, bring that as well. Yes, we will be in level 1-4 wilderness, which is quite safe, but still poses a danger, so don’t bring anything you wouldn’t want to lose! Personally, we recommend bringing just a glory and a scimitar, but that’s up to you.

With your gear, head to Edgeville, and more specifically, the underground entrance to the Edgeville Dungeon, as shown on the map. Once you’re in the dungeon, head north, then east, then north again to the Chaos Druid area. To get in, you’ll need to pass the wilderness gates. From there, it’s as simple as killing them, looting up, heading back up to the surface, banking and doing it all over again! Quick tip – to make sure you don’t accidentally skull up on anyone, turn your player attack options to ‘Always Right Click.’

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